Friday, August 15, 2008

damn weirdos...

this is a a screen shot of a hit on this blog.

with the olympics going on i thought it was interesting that it came from beijing so i clicked on the referring url. as you will see after the cut, maybe this particular visitor just can't get enough of those 13-14 year old gymnasts...

by the way, am i the only person in the world who hasn't seen any of the '08 olympics?

it's not any kinda premeditated protest. i just don't care. well, that and being a little disgusted with all the $$, politics and rah rah nationalism that seem to be the real point. when the track and field events start i'll probably tune in. cuz i loves me some track and field.

so this is what someone in beijing "googled" last night...

pretty funny that this cornyblog came up as the 3rd choice for having querried "girlhood sex pictures," huh?

the entry it referred the surfer to is a very tame story about my 85 year old mother. how disappointing!

most of the hits here come from googled images of belly dancers or recockulous tattoos or this one dumb picture i once posted of buffy the vampire slayer in a see-through blouse.

while those 3 posts reel in several dozen unsuspecting surfers a day, i occasionally get hits from really bizarre googled text. here's my favorite from switzerland. it's so weird i wrote it down:

"he's 76, she's only 19! and she really enjoyed it too...the old geezer still has it, i gotta say."

even more bizarre? i got that exact same referral 2 more times. wtf?

i kept a list of the funnier/nuttier ones, but that list seems to have disappeared. a few i remember or found scribbled on margins of notebooks follow:

"men living as women" gave someone the belly dancer post.
"plunger porn" was googled by several people worldwide. and that's just sick.
"porndog" seems to be a popular querry.
"cornbread the dude" cracked me up.
"porndog happy meal" has popped up more than once.
"sweet rooster helmet price $ site" (i think this one came from annie's blog?)
and the dumb, but innocuous, "flip my cornbread" came from TAMU.

TAMU is texas a&m university. for those of you not from here, most of your polish or hillbilly jokes work just as well in texas if you substitute "aggie."

bye bye for now and happy girlhood sex pictures to you all.


rilera said...

That is just sick. I guess there are weirdos everywhere.

cornbread hell said...

yes. but i still laugh at these things.
does that make me a bad person?

happy porndog happy meal

josephine terese said...

how do you find this stuff out?

cornbread hell said...

sitemeter. it's pretty interesting.

i have the free version, but for about 6 bucks month(?) there's a...actually, i don't know what you get for $.

Annie said...

Nope, you're not the only one. We haven't watched one second of Olympic coverage. I just don't care either, and when the first thing the local news says is where the US is in the medal count, well it just turns me away even more.

I've had several more funny queries, but I can't remember them now.

Later, cornbread the dude!

cornbread hell said...

annie, you have the nicest way of correcting my spelling. thanks.

you flip my cornbread.

(i'll leave the mistakes.)

Annie said...


cornbread hell said...

i think it's query. not querry.

(that was a sincere thanks.)

wendy said...

i'm in the same club - no olympics for me. what, am i a chump? what with the cheating/doping and the jingoistic nationalism that is SO helpful in today's world and the freakish bodies that will probably give out before they're 35 ... i dunno, it seems like there are about 400 other things i could be doing for three weeks.