Saturday, October 20, 2007

Worst Tattoo Ever Contest, anyone?

i once asked right here in this very blog if a certain tat wasn't the worst ever. it has recently come to my attention that my choice, though really, really bad, is nowhere near the *worst ever.*

after the jump i'll present some equally egregious ones and if you dare click on the link below you will witness 1st-hand the real, albeit frightening, evidence. (some of the latter are obviously fake, being either marks-a-lotted on, or decals, but all of them are funny in one way or another.)

All of them have me wishing they were all fake and with any luck for the human gene pool, the owners are wishing the same.

what little decency i have will not allow me to post the R- and X-rated ones.
for those, i (highly) recommend that you click on this link.

(my vote for The World's Worst Tattoo? it's a tie! between the michael jackson one just a bit beyond 1/4 way down
that web page and the armpit 1/2 way down, but be advised: view at your own risk. hahahahaha...)

Of course this is the one i once naively thought to be the all-time worst tattoo, but as you will see at the forementioned website: a near naked, native american woman wearing traditionally male headgear, humping a cornydog, is as mild as a sip of spring water compared to a double, neat scotch. for the less adventurous of you, i offer a few examples of *spring water.*

(this next one is about on par with the cornydog humper, but the bizarre-factor insists that it be entered...)

whatever happened to a simple "MOM" on the upper arm?
if you have something like this tattooed on your forearm can you roll up your sleeves in public? Oh, that's his/her leg?... ok, fine. so tell me, can he/she wear shorts with impunity or go swimming without a full-body wet suit?
and tell me this - what in the cornbread hell would his/her grandmother say if she saw it?

"ya know, sonny/missy, i never much liked your ex, either."

now, i kinda like this one. ON SOMEONE ELSE's body maybe!

i can't help but wonder how long it took for this joke to get old for this guy. and for his friends. if he still has any...

don't get me wrong. i love Mr. T. he cracks me up. but this tattoo and the next two have me wondering... is portraiture EVER a good idea for body art?

oh Peewee, just look what they've done to your song!

(who would ever have guessed he has a hairy chest? and hairy shoulders, too!! if this guy doesn't shave his tattoo, does peewee look like the wolfman?)

i'll leave you now, with this regrettable attempt at some presumed tribute to a loved one...

you are welcome to submit your own World's Worst Ever Tattoo to: wwet.makemelaugh dot com. (if that's a real website i apologize to the web master)


Chris said...

I am a huge fan of Kat Von D of LA Ink. I would love to get work done by her but so much $$$.

I am getting three tats done when I get the time and $$$. One is of my mom that looks somewhat like a pinup. She had on a peach Catalina swimsuit and leaning back against a boat back in the 50's. I found the swimsuit the other day and have decided to keep it as a keepsake and have it framed along side of the photograph.

The other one I am getting is actually a promo pic of my dad the Navy shot for a recruiting poster back in the 40's. He is in his plane and the backdrop looks like he is in the sky.

And the third is a butterfly my mom chose shortly beofre she died. She knew I was trying to find a tattoo and she chose the one she wanted me to have. She was cool like that.

cornbread hell said...

wow! and to think that i was about ready to delete this post for being too outrageous.

i'm impressed, chris. where will all these tattoos be?

(just be careful who the artist is. as you may have noticed, portraits aren't the easiest things to render.)

Denise said...

OMG... *If* you got a tat, what would it say?

cornbread hell said...

big *if.*
huh. that almost sounds conversational.

probably the complete lyrics to Imagine spiraling down and around my right arm.

how about you?

Enigma said...

Now you know I would go over and look at the X-rated tatoos. What is the deal with messing up a perfectly good belly button? I think the cat has to be my favorite. And what's with the girl shooting flames out her shorts? I'd give anything to see that again in about 20 years.

cornbread hell said...


20 years? heck, i wouldn't mind seein' it right now.

Anonymous said...

On another topic: "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate", Cornbread Hell wrote on Linda G's blog Monday. I thought "What in the cornbread hell?" Then I thought, "How clever."

I would have put this on Linda's blog but I once made a fool of myself there (and also on Donald's Gothic blog) and now I am ashamed and afraid to go back there. Don't ASK. And for the sake of all that's Cornbread Holy, don't TELL. Especially not Linda G. I don't want her to be reminded of my stupidity.

cornbread hell said...

i won't tell, but may i ask, who are you?

Anonymous said...

Just call me Cornbread Holy

:: gina :: said...

ewe!!!! the one with the skull behind the head was too much for me. yuk.

Denise said...

I like your tat idea...

As for me, weel - it's been interesting having a tattoo that everyone sees and says "What's that??" - LOL - a real conversation starter.

I think "coexist", made up of the different symbols. And a butterfly.

Anonymous said...

lets see if this link works you might want to see the cat man who live is Seattle,


cornbread hell said...

omg, peggy. i just now looked at the catman article. that's kinda creepy.

so, i guess you know him, huh?