Monday, August 18, 2008


i didn't go visit mom saturday because a friend came to visit. so sunday we went to visit her together...

when we entered the room, she said, "well, hello stranger."
i was surprised, and not just a little bit flattered, that she'd noticed/remembered my brief absence.

after we'd been there several minutes my friend asked mom if she'd lost one of the lenses in her glasses. (real observant, rick.) we eventually found it under the bed and popped it back in, but it turned out mom had been wearing one lens for almost 2 days.

"so mom, can you see ok with one eye?"
"oh, i guess so."

no complaints. all smiles.
i have the sweetest mom. (other than *yours*, of course.)

today i set up an appointment at eyemasters for an eye exam and a new prescription. it was originally set for 3:00, but then i found out the facility couldn't pick us up for the return trip after 4:00.
wouldn't that have been a mess? walking 3-4 miles with mom would have been a real adventure.
a laughable one.

believe me - this little outing in the rain will be adventure enough for us both.

and in totally unrelated news...


Annie said...

Hope your appointment went/goes well. Nobody at VT noticed that she only had one lens?

wendy said...


Anonymous said...

you mIght manage the pigeon walk although i'm not so sure how subtle it could be after wearing that neck brace. ouch...the thought hurts. luv the vids bibs
p.s.-sending new puzzler your way

cornbread hell said...

annie - nope. but they do notice and talk to me about lots of other stuff. like when she wets her bed and when she says something funny and just how she's doing. on a daily basis. i have no complaints. besides, it's really my responsibility.

wendy - true dat.

anon - all puzzlers welcome. always.
(i invented the pigeon walk.)