Thursday, August 7, 2008

the view from my window - I

from a kitchen window...

what is that?

but you'd better make 'em quickies. you've only got 2 blocks.


Annie said...

As soon as I saw that blurry sign, I knew. You can see a road hump sign from your window! I'm so jealous! P is going to laugh so hard when I tell her.

So can you get a little nookie in your neighborhood too?

Anonymous said...

thanks for alerting me to your recent post. enjoyed them as always. let me know when some of the humps in life smooth out and your ready for r&r again.

cornbread hell said...

annie - haven't detected any neighborhood nooky. wouldn't know what to do with it if i did, but i'll be keepin' my eyes peeled.

lemme know what p has to say.

anon - i'm ready for a little r&r right now. but life just isn't cooperating. i'll be sure to let you know if and when i'm ready/able to get back on that dime-store horse.