Wednesday, June 25, 2008

just a quick, "howdy, y'all."

have you missed my oblique* smile? hahahahaha.

it's been over 2 weeks since i have even seen a computer. thought i'd take this rare opportunity to say i'm ok. mom, too. and i hope you are, too. don't know when i'll be back again, but...hopefully soon.


i saw this on tv not long ago. bonnie bramlett on the roseanne show...(remember delaney and bonnie and friends?)

turn it UP. all the way up.

some day i'll post some of the pictures i've taken from my window. tata.
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Friday, June 6, 2008

and they call the wind moriah...

when it's over 90 degrees and the wind just blows the hot air around...well, that sucks.

but when the wind blows like it did today, 20-50! mph, it's pure delight.

"the air feels so much cooler. walks are transformed from desperate getaways into welcome respite. trees' swayings make this treehouse a virtual haven. i like looking out the open windows and imagining the wildly moving branches are causing the breeze to blow."



i remember it from the kingston trio. you may remember it from "paint your wagon" (insert rebus of your own liking.) or from clint eastwood?

whatever...i've always loved this song.

and this guy fucking Nailed it:

(no consistent intor-web access here. i'll see ya when i see ya, but check back anyway. ok?)
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Monday, June 2, 2008

more rebi* fun...

that's what i did when i started trying to clean the tobacco stains off of the walls and woodwork in my *new* apartment. the windows were gross and disgusting, but at least do-able and are now spick-and-span.

the woodwork? well, that's a whole other story.

i started out with a citrus cleanser. once the hundreds of rags (newspaper) appeared clean after wiping, i thought i was done...then for some stoopid reason i decided to try the ammonia and water solution i'd used on the windows.


long story short:

damn you, you...

*(rebuses may sound better than rebi, but latin is latin. right?)
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Sunday, June 1, 2008


while reading a collection of letters written by vincent van gogh i was struck by this line:

"oh the beautiful beats down on your head and i have no doubt at all that it drives you loony. now being that way already, all i do is enjoy it."

god i love that guy. such candor.

i said it was random...but it's really not. i woke up with both a sense of loss and hope. with some of vincent's pictures in my head. with this song playing in my mind.

so, whatcha think?
i think they go together pretty well. especially so when collins finally hits the drums about 3 or 4 minutes into that video.

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