Friday, August 29, 2008

this was my very 1st computer. a KayPro. it was a hand-me-down. it was basically a word processor. plus, it could access the intornets. (what little there was in 1983.)

it had PONG!

my new computer works great as a word processor. and it does allow me to access the meganets. (for 3-4 minutes a day.)

it doesn't have PONG. :(

hahahahaha. i hope you remember pong. and i hope you enjoy the irony of this new version:

lots of fun mom-news, but for now, i'm goin' with the gratuitous post with my 3 minutes.

- did mccain totally trump obama's speech with his vp announcement today?
- will even hillary vote for her?
- sheesh.
- crap.


Annie said...

I remember Pong. We thought it was the coolest thing. I love the human version.

Can Obama change his mind?

Yeah, crap.

rilera said...

Yeah, unfortunately I think McCain trumped Obama with his VP pick. I'll have to read up on this woman. I heard a news bit that said she is an NRA member :(


cornbread hell said...

she's a WOMAN. (= lotsa votes)
and a good one, apparently.


¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

My first computer was a Tandy. Didn't get "Intranet" until '99 in my house. We've been www'ing it ever since.Of course, the Tandy never saw the WWW but it was great fun to play games on and to type up letters to my brother. Now I just email him. Screw the postage.

~Betsy said...

McCain's pick is a HOCKEY MOM! woot!!

rainbowheart said...

I remember PONG. That was the coolest game.

Yep, McCain picked a woman and you are right Rick. That means votes. A mom of 5 children, the youngest with Down Syndrome. An NRA member..

Will Obama change his mind?

But whoever comes out victorious, it will be history in the making..

josephine terese said...

why in the world would obama change his mind? joe biden is one of the most respected and senior members of congress, and has a wonderful record of being an EFFECTIVE democrat.
mccain might have won a lot of votes by picking palin, and yeah it was a smart move, but it was also a smart move to nominate obama, and for him to pick biden.
when the impressiveness of mccain's pick of a woman wears off, many people will see that it is a sexist (notice that she superhot and that that's the first things most people say when they mention her? notice that he picked her largely BECAUSE she's a woman?) and cheap ploy, and that she is far more conservative than mccain (and hillary), they will come back to their senses and vote on issues.
those who would vote because of their own racism or sexism will do so anyway.

sorry to go off.

wendy said...

You go, girl! Now make sure your dad soaks up some of your optimism. I surely hope the Obama camp doesn't spend too much time being distracted by this nonsense. It is a cheap ploy indeed and insulting to boot. Yeah, I'm sure thrilling to the idea of a woman who may never have even set foot in Washington being a heartbeat away from the Oval Office if he should kick. Loathsome.

cornbread hell said...

oh-my-god. i love you so much, josephine.

"You go, girl! Now make sure your dad soaks up some of your optimism."

touche, wendy...

wendy said...

He basically told the guy to go pound salt - that he wasn't going to make the daughter's pregnancy an issue because family is off-limits and that allegations his campaign was doing so were unfounded - and that he would fire anyone who does exploit it. God let's hope he's in control of his well-meaning lieutenants, who are probably champing at the bit to go negative.

cornbread hell said...

thanks, wendy. (that was obviously meant to be posted on the next post.)

why is it *champing* and not *chomping*?

i've wondered that more than once...