Thursday, June 7, 2007

an R-rated blog entry? well, why the fuck not?

if you’re offended by bawdy humor and/or gag at corny jokes, you’d best git out while the gittin's good. (psst...that would be NOW, turkey.)
also, i'm still experimenting with formatting here. hopefully that'll improve someday.


& so, without further adieu, we now present the funny cartoon of the day from cyanide and happiness

what in the cornbread hell is wrong with you? *I* think it's ffffunny.

and this is just waaay cool. every little boy's dream. have you heard of the Sony x-ray camcorder filter?…

The ADXIR filter has adjustable exposure capabilities which will allow x-ray vision even in the brightest sunlight condition, no other filters on the market will perform as well. The ADXIR filter is included with your purchase of our camcorder.

hmmm...i guess it can only see through one layer? or maybe only certain types of fabric?

this next one was neither photoshopped nor taken with the X-ray camera lens. Buffy apparently wore this see-through blouse on purpose. wtf?

speaking of fabric, how 'bout some r-rated t-shirt art?

and speaking of little boys...oh, they do learn young...

moving on...............

a friend of mine sent me this link as a joke.
well, at least I THINK he was joking…hmm? (edit: that link is apparently broken right now, but it is a hilarious and somewhat disturbing site spoofing(?) cyber relationships. it's called **
men can supposedly go there and set up fake relationships with an algorithm to impress their friends and family. OH MY! i laughed my ass off.)

…anyway, i sent a message back to him with this link to let him know i had already taken control of the situation, thank you very much.


this next one is actually pg-rated, but somehow i kinda think it fits in here.

now, what kind of sucker would have dared to have invested in that company? huh?

in order to balance the ratings thing out, this one is X-rated. and just too funny not to insert.

hahahahaha. oh, kramer... and GEORGE!!! puhleeze!

i think i’ll leave you alone now, but first let me impose a couple really corny jokes on you. OK…ready?

does the Little Mermaid wear an algebra? *groan*

and why are hemorrhoids called "hemorrhoids" instead of "assteroids"?
(don’t say I didn’t warn you.)


in closing, let me just say,

and allow me to add this fine pair of r-rated napkins,

in the interest of fairness, samuel l. jackson and i now proudly present to you.....the “i has a cheeseburger” cuirass.

(at first i had *bra* typed in there, but cuirass is my new favorite word recently learned from the crossword world.)


gosh, i hope i didn’t scare you off due to the high ricoculosity factor of this post…things may get better.

or maybe not?

.........Coming Soon on What In The Cornbread Hell? an extra special, 6 Degrees of Separation edition of the blog.

that's all for now folks... and happy golfing.


Anonymous said...

lol i laughed i cried...... this was well worth the price of addmission


cornbread said...

glad you enjoyed it. you're welcome here anytime.,wait a minute...the price of admission is zero...was that a compliment or was that a diss?

shanebarby said...

compliment my friend......... oh god i had to come back to this one..... i love that damn cat.....
golfing jesus..... wow that is amazing
but of course soe of this disturbs me... the most disturbing of them all i must say is the sienfeld pic...... elaine and krammers heads r so big.... i now i now photoshop... anyways seeing george there doing that disturbs me...... know he isnt master of his domain..... is one thing but to see him playing that role out is scary!

did u see the opne where his ma walks in on him when he was wanking the crank?
lmao that was freaking funny!

cornbread said...

i'm pretty sure george and his parents are some of the scariest characters in all of tv sitcom history.

and the fact that you typed 'wanking the crank' has to rank near the top of all-time funny comments in the history of the internets...

you crack me up, shanebarby.

Caboose said...

A bra (cuirass) is a pseudo-armor against the gravity of time, but it looks good.


cornbread said...

interesting blog you have there.
are you j.v.?

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