Saturday, August 16, 2008

ding dong

for the first time in my adult life, 39 years, i have a doorbell.
it's no big deal really, just kinda weird.

but i guess any chance i ever had of winning a nobel prize is over. ((groan))

that reminds of a funny joke:

viagra?! why in the world would i need that stuff? it'd be like giving a homeless person a doorbell.
(well *i* think it's funny.)


rilera said...

Is that really your doorbell?

On a different note, how did you deal with getting your mom to the ALF? Did you tell her ahead of time?

cornbread hell said...

no. i found it on the web. it's way cooler than mine.

we told her the day we moved her stuff. she already lived in the same complex, but in a building where she was on her own.

at least the name of the place was the same. that helped. the one room apt. was tough at first. the confinement unless i took her somewhere was tough.

i took her down to where her friends were several times a week. (and out shopping or just driving around town.) that helped. now she doesn't even know the old friends when/if she sees them and we basically just stay in her room /on her floor other than the weekly bible class and facility provided entertainment.

she never got *real* angry, but it took her several months to adjust. she never understood the *why* of it. now she doesn't even remember the other apartment.

i was able to spend several hours with her every day. i know that helped her transition. but it still wasn't easy or pleasant for her.

email me at anytime you want, robyn.

cornbread hell said...

having her own, familiar furniture was a plus. is your mom's new place unfurnished?