Friday, October 31, 2008


this is Bird's Fort, which in 1840 was situated near the trinity river between present-day dallas and ft. worth. as there are no pictures of any kind of fort bird, this is actually a generic fort using a composite of typical architectural details of various forts from that era.

what is that white, bird-poop-looking splotch on the side of the guard house? (click to enlarge) heck if i know. you have to remember...this is just a freaking BUS STOP. so it could be almost anything. ahahahahaha.

the process of creation included many months of research, drawing, head scratching, tool development and of course the tedious task of fabrication. of these steps, the research was definitely my favorite part and the next dozen or more posts, complete with (gasp) correct usage of the shift key, will deal less with process and more with the historical purpose and sociological impact of the original survey map used as the primary source for the mosaic project.

this frame shows bird's fort at the termini of two foot trails. it stood in a grove of trees (brown tile) one mile north of the west fork of the trinity river.

this is a slide show of polaroids taken during the process of "building" the fort.

translating the original survey map to a gridwork of 8" tiles:

experimenting with different materials for use as trails and communities.

and one last tease...

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

more NaBloPoMo teasers...

see? i haven't always had gray hair.

this is a picture of me with the Beemans, descendants of the first anglo family to settle in what is now dallas. they still lived on their ancestral land at the time this photo was taken in 1990.

we are standing on the mosaic-in-progress in my studio. the oxen you saw in yesterday's post are part of a tile picture representing the arrival of those early settlers in 1841. the white object at the beemans' feet is my original pencil drawing of that mosaic with a team of mules rather than oxen.

this is the finished product. this slide shows approximately 8 square feet of the entire 300 sq. ft. project. check out the groovy shadows.

here is the wagon in progress and the tools used to make it: pencil, tweezers, carbide hammer and carbide knippers. the caption on the polaroid means it was the 3rd (and final) attempt to render the canvas in tile.

this is sam houston. you saw his eyes yesterday... the 1st mosaic i ever attempted. so gimme a break, already.

and this is the xerox of a 19th century oil painting of sam which i used as the model.edit:
actually, my very 1st mosaic was this attempt at doing sam's portrait. purty ugly, huh?and the 2nd was this experiment at making his is the final product in process. (polaroid, with minimal fire damage.)

i'll leave you with this detail of another of the mosaics within the larger mosaic while i try to figure out how in the cornbreadhell to tell the rest of the story. hey, i've got a whole month, no?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3 days and counting...

i signed up for NaBloPoMo.
yeah, yeah, i know. i hardly ever blog anymore, but that's just the point. *maybe* i will now.

and don't LOOK at me that way, dangnabbit! i swear i'm goinG to try.

so, beginning saturday, november 1, i intend to blog every day for a month. most if not all of the blog posts will be about the project these photos come from.
stay tuned...

i thought i asked you nicely NOT to look at me that way...
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

me and my dad?

my dad and i... my dad and me... 

"my dad and me" *feels* better.
would you say, "this is me," or "this is i?" and which side of the quotation mark does the puncuation go in that sentence? 

come on grammar police. hep me out.

i bet he didn't know i was hiding a stick behind my back...hahahahaha
[that reminds me...hey, chris of  "inside my heart" blog - for at least a month now i've been unable to view your blog for more than a few seconds before that tab of my browser crashes.  this is admittedly a pretty crappy computer, but it doesn't seem to happen with other blogs, web pages, etc. what's up with that?]

last week sometime, mom and i were looking at a picture of my daughter and her 2 grand dads taken at her 3rd or 4th birthday party on velasco street. i left it out on mom's chairside table because we both enjoyed looking at and talking about it. 

today she said she couldn't remember why it was there. i reminded her. and i told her again the next 4 or 5 times when she asked why "she" had put it there. i decided to change the subject slightly.

i asked her if she remembered the first time josephine's "other" granndpa in the picture had come to her house. (suffice to say, she couldn't even remember his name without prompting, but when told, she even said the late grandma's name!)
anyway...the story goes that The Colonel and Mrs. Musgrave, my new parents-in-law, were coming to mom and dad's house for the 1st time. the colonel is a rather distinguished fellow. everyone was anxious to pretend to be equally distinguished and respectable, of course.

the musgraves were invited in and after the proper howdy-dos had been exchanged, they were offerred seats for what was, up to that point, a little bit of a nervous occasion... oh, no worries... my brother, who was about 8 years old at the time, had put a whoopie cushion in the colonel's seat. 
it was awesome. (the colonel is now 96 years old and still sharp as a tack. i wonder if he remembers that story and how how hard he laughed at the situation and at himself?)

mom heard this story today as if for the first time and i swear she laughed so hard i thought she was going to choke. at the time, as i remember it, she was freaking mortified. 
a little later this morning i made the whoopie cushion sound again and she cracked up again.

here's mom in her "new" favorite outfit. yes, lynn anne, she wears it several times a week. she'll even tell you it's her favorite if you comment on it.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

classy. Very classy.

this is my new toaster oven. i paid 2 bucks for it at a yard sale and used at least 2 bucks of soap and water to clean it up.

it works like a charm.

let's just say rick's been in toast heaven all week...

and this is my front door.

i'll paint the front door green tomorrow. and maybe change the decoration...or not...(click pic to enlarge for your viewing Pleasure.)

this is my kitchen. check out the toaster. 

did i mention i have a freakinG TOASTER?!!!!

you're jealous, aren't you?
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

who you calling a pussy?

listen to me you #%&*#@* northerners, when it gets down to 50 degrees with 90% humidity and 15 mph winds, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon...i call that c-c-cccold. and it's supposed to get down to 40 tonight??!!


i think i'd better rearrange my room to accommodate a space heater. sheesh! my feet don't even work in this kind of weather. i've already got all 4 of my shirts on...and i'll bitch if i want to.


uh oh. i feel a rebus coming on... 
(i still haven't figured out how to space the images the way i want. so, get over it.)




or no. wait a minute. maybe i just want to BE a kitty...

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Monday, October 6, 2008

seeking advice

mom lives in a facility that consists of about 1/2 independent-living and 1/2 assisted-living residents. of those in assisted-living, a very small percentage (maybe 5%) are in what they call the memory unit where mom lives.

this morning a resident from the independent unit came up to mom's floor and a made a very generous offer. he proposed to spend an hour each monday morning reading to them and has even recruited other residents to get involved in the program.

next monday he will be reading a mark twain short story...

it is my opinion that they won't have a clue as to the meaning of what he has chosen to read. it is also my opinion..."so what." the real value of the hour will be human interaction.

i have offered to join this reading group, but i would like to find something more "dementia appropriate" to read to them. i know several of the readers here have first-hand experience with what alzheimer's patients might enjoy and i would like your input.* **

so far, my only idea is mother goose rhymes.

not to be condescending or insulting, but i'm thinking they may be familiar and besides, those rhymes never were meant to be enjoyed for their intellectual nuances as much as for their whimsy, cadence and rhyme. right?

ok...i'll stay away from "as i was going to st. ives..." hahahahhaha, that might a little complicated,

and what other than mother goose would you suggest?

* if you're involved in an alzheimer's forum, would you be willing to solicit suggestions from the participants?

** input from anyone would be much appreciated.
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

answer the fucking question, bitch.

i was gonna write a post about takin' mom to buy new underwear, but then i listened to the VP debate and i'm here to tell ya...

That is the last time i will ever say or write, "gonna," say or write, "ya," or say or write a gerund with a dropped *g.*

In addition, I will do my best to answer the question asked.

(there is nothinG beyond the jump. so don't yOU even bother lookinG. i'm GOING to bed. my stomach aches.) Read more!