Friday, August 8, 2008

a couple of older pictures and 1 new one...

this one i just took. i hung one of the neck braces i wore for 4 months. i think it looks like a large-mouth bass trophy. ahahahahaha. i'll have to make a plaque for it.

(a couple of pics 2-4 months old after the jump...)

from sometime in april. that's brother luke, mom, son sean, and me in mom's apartment. haven't seen luke since, unfortunately. sean and i now have short hair. mom still wears the same outfit, her "uniform", every - single - day...and of course, the horse collar is history.

but it's still us. (click on the pic to see just how handsome we all are. hahahaha.)

this is from the father's day party at VT. this belly dancer wasn't nearly as hot as the one from a couple of years ago, but henry didn't seem to mind...i've written about henry before. he's incredibly feeble and slow normally, but turn on the music and...the man can flat out dance.


Annie said...

I'm glad you are free of the large mouthed bass! You do have a handsome family.

It was a lovely 62 in the house when I got up this morning.

Cinnamin said...

My first glance at this photo and I was thinking that you had a skeleton of Donald Duck's skull! I know, I'm weird!

Happy to see that you are free of the brace!

cornbread hell said...


you are so right! it does look like donald duck. i never thought of that before. hahahahaha