Sunday, August 3, 2008

life? well, it's crazy as cornbread hell...

but it sure is nice to have the intornets back again. yes, i'll be reading *your* posts from the last month or 2. and real soon.

the following video was gleaned from a website which will remain anonymous. (for now, anyway...)

life IS...a crazy motherfucker. thank god for the occasional kids' visit, a chance to get mom out of her room and into the real world, and the even more rare extended-family get-together. it's been a great weekend. not the least of which includes renewed computer access.

if the wind blows right, i'll be posting regularly again.

and if it doesn't? you're on your own.

p.s. that extended family get-together was not only the instigation for the unparalleled kids visit and quality mom-outing, but was also in honor of a favorite cousin's recent wedding. congratulations to bruce, aka ted casablanca, and jon!

if i'm not dead or in jail, i'll talk with y'all tomorrow.

p.s.s. did you ever see the movie, Stone Reader? ok...probably not. but trust me. you should. if you like to read...

dow mossman's book, "the stones of summer", which was the centerpiece of the epic documentary, Stone Reader, is at 1/2 price books right now for a freakin' dollar.

seriously. a measley DOLLAR! check it out. buy one for a friend.

at nearly 600 pages of sheer goodness, and for 100 pennies, that's a much better bargain than the lottery ticket you may have just bought...



rilera said...

Welcome back stranger!

cornbread hell said...

thanks, rilera.

i'm a little bit rusty at this. that wasn't the entire post, but maybe i'll just leave it at that and try again later?

Annie said...

How do!

Let's hope the wind blows right.

107 is why I live in Minnesota.

rilera said...

...where it can get to -107. Or at least feel like it. LOL

Annie said...

Right, Robyn. And then we put on a hat. :)

So are you dead or in jail? I'm hoping not the former, but if the latter, do you at least have a good story to tell? said...

'The time has come,' the Walrus said,
'To talk of many things:
Of shoes -- and ships -- and sealing wax --
Of cabbages -- and kings --
And why the sea is boiling hot --
And whether pigs have wings

anyways hiya OTIS miss u on myspace:-(
bighugs i hope ur doing well!

rainbowheart said...

Hey stranger,

Good to hear from ya! Hope that everyone is doing okay. Good to hear that you and your Mom is getting some outside time together.

It is too hot to get out here...100+ degrees here for the past few days.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon..

Oh the other day someone that I deal with on a daily basis said something really stupid to me and looked at him and said, "what the cornbread hell" are you yaking about? He didn't have nothing else to say then....LOL!!!!!!!!

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

It's about frikkin time! Missed ya terribly and glad you are back. Well, I hope you are back? You ARE back...right???? Now don't be teas'in me...