Tuesday, August 12, 2008

so many questions, so little time

i just logged on to my yahoo email account for the first time in well over 6 months. i can't hardly believe how popular i am. there were something like 9069 unread messages. WOW!!

oh wait.

the only ones i cared to look at were the daily feeds i get there from my favorite comic strip, get fuzzy (see above); and AWAD, a favorite word-of-the-day feed. the other 99% of them were all spam.

neverrr miind...

speaking of unwanted spam, did you know that since 1937, when the processed "luncheon" meat was first introduced, over 6 billion tins of the mystery meat has been produced?

would somebody please tell me... who in god's name eats the stuff?

can there be any doubt why spam (the unsolicited email variety) is so named?

in texas, and likely in most places these days, the crummy food of choice at fairs is the ubiquitous cornydog. but in minnesota? yep. you guessed it...it's fried spam on a stick or something. jeeze.

do minnesotans have no shame?

so if austin texas is the music capital of the world (i said, IF), then is austin minnesota the potted mystery meat capital?

[annie, robyn...you know i'm just joshin' with you. right?]


josephine terese said...

chris ate spam as a child and a teenager. He said he would come home from school, fry some spam in a skillet, and chow down.
and I like him, why??
meh. I guess he's ok anyway.

cornbread hell said...

truth be known? i've never even tasted spam. that was all just a lame riff.

tell chris i still like him, too.

(i used to fry up bologna after school. yum.)

Susan M said...

Well my Dad LOVED SPAM. Of course he would have been 100 in 2009. During the 2nd World War when everything was rationed, SPAM was his favorite luncheon meat.

But hey, he loved Head Cheese and Pig's Feet too. Course his Mama made these and I have to admit I still love good pickled pig's feet. Just don't anyone send me these in the mail. I like to know where they come from.

And don't send any SPAM! And I'm NOT old!

cornbread hell said...

susan, of COURSE you're not old. me either...

and in a perfect world pickled pigs feet and spam is a gourmet meal.

Annie said...

Yep, Austin is the potted meat capital of the world. Many of the members of my spinning group are retired employees or had other ties to the company. We meet in each other's homes, and the hostess usually provides snacks or a meal. Gulp. Imagine a sloppy joe type concoction, but with Spam.

I must add that the Spam truck/booth/stand had no customers every time I walked by.

cornbread hell said...

thanks for answering at least one of my questions.

spinners eat spam.

rilera said...

I've never tried Spam. The thought of it grosses me out. As for the other type of spam, I was just wondering today (as I cleaned out my junk email folder) if anyone really replies to spam with the subject line 'Refinance your morgage' from rodriguez eugene (mispellings and all) and why do they think I really want a bigger you-know-what?

cornbread hell said...

rilera, well put.

does ANYone really eat spam? or read spam?

but come ON! you know you want a bigger "you know what." ("what"ever that is to you.)

Annie said...


No, the people of Hawaii, no, no, yes, yes.

rilera said...

I'd love a bigger bank account but they weren't offering that. :)

Cinnamin said...

"i can't hardly believe how popular i am. there were something like 9069 unread messages. WOW!!"

Well, gosh darn it Rick, people like you! :)

Glad to see you posting again! I missed you!

I remember SPAM from my childhood. Kind of like ham, chopped up, but you can slice it - Dad fried it up with eggs and also made fried sandwiches with it. But then, both of my parents loved to fry up something called "Taylor Pork Roll" from their favorite market in New Jersey as well. I have no clue what is in THAT meat product either!

rainbowheart said...

Just the thougth of eating Spam makes my stomach churn.

I have never eaten it but I think that my parents did when they were frist marrried. I have never seen them eat it since I have been older.

And what is Spam made of?