Sunday, November 18, 2007

would you like to dance? updated w/ short essay and new pics

(HOTD above, to the right.)

When I was about 9 or 10 I caught a big ol' catfish on my trot line. It was 27” long as i recall. Way more than half as “long” as I was at the time. (feel free to apply the exaggeration factor for fish stories here.)
Having been poked many times before by more than my share of much smaller catfish, I was kinda scared of the thing. I’m told I said, “I sure am lucky, but I sure don’t like it.”

[i don't remember saying that, but i do remember something else about the experience. it was prob'ly about 5 in the morning. when i finally had that sucker subdued (ie: let him flop around 'til he was dead and wrangled onto a stringer), i took him into where my mom was still sleeping, held it up in front of her face, and woke her up. hahahahahaaha! (i think my dad musta put me up to that.)]

Anyway, that’s pretty much mom’s attitude about where she lives now.

Vickery Towers is a good environment and she knows "she sure is lucky" to be there, for lots and lots of reasons, but then again there’s the confinement aspect, the lack of freedom to leave the Alzheimer’s unit without an escort, and well... “she sure don’t like” some of it.

for the rest of the story and new pics...

One of the many good things about VT is the weekly entertainment they provide for residents. As chronicled in earlier posts within this blog, they include such acts as a belly dancer, an old ladies' drill team with plungers, lots of corny patriotic programs, and a seemingly endless string of Elvis impersonators. (links to posts in red.)

Last Friday I was happily surprised by the appearance of a real musician. He was a great guitarist and keyboard player. He had a decent tenor voice, and his song selection was fun and quite different from most who perform at these soirees. For example: Santana’s “Black Magic Woman,” Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” and a boatload of lively Latin numbers.

There is one thing all these entertainers seem to have in common. Regardless of their talent level, personal style, or art form, they all show, without effort, a sincere appreciation for the old folks in their audience. I’m always amazed and warmed when I go up to thank them afterwards. Without exception, they always say something like, “It’s my pleasure. I like these folks. I really enjoy doing these gigs.”

The same can be said for Linda, the new director of the Alzheimer’s unit, and many of her aides. They’re truly interested in the residents. You can tell they really like and care about them.
One day recently I thanked Danisha (pictured below) for the way she dealt with the people in her care and you know she said?

“There’s no need to thank me. I really enjoy what I do.”

And to that I say, “Mom, you sure are lucky, and I sure as cornbread hell do like it.”

we've got live, c'mon...

(click on any pic, above or below, to better catch their expressions.)

yeah, that's it...

three cheers for Linda, Olita, and Mary!


this picture was taken several years before the little story recounted in the prelude to this post, but in the exact same location.

my dad and i are on a mission: we're checkin' our trot line on the blanco river. good times.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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rilera said...

Hi Rick, I'm just checking in after 'meeting' you on my blog! Looks like you and I share more than mothers with AD if 'impeach the moronic asshole' means what I think it means (get rid of the current sitting pres).

Chris said...

I love the pics. Those ladies look like they are having a great time!

Hope things are going ok with you...take care, ok?

~Betsy said...

Looks like a fun party to me! :)

dann walsh said...


i'm very much reminded of john prine's "hello in there" (a "must-listen" to all!)

i play at the three major senior centers around here once in a while. it's a whole different experience than other gigs!

keep on keepin' on, brother...


cornbread hell said...

dann, john prine's 1st album is still one of my all time favorites. by anyone.

your comment about playing at senior centers makes me want to post the story i had in mind to accompany those pics.

cornbread hell said...

dann- ok, i did it.
and if you're one of those guys, my hat's off to ya.

rilera- you got it.

chris, betsy- yep. they had a blast.

rilera said...

Thanks for the story behind the picts. I went to caregiver's day at Mom's day program and they had a jazz band. Mom LOVED it and one woman was dancing her heart out. Mom loves music.

cornbread hell said...

i'm looking for someone/a band that plays the old swing music. that's what mom really relates to.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Looks like the party was a hit. Loved the story about the catfish, too! LOL

Annie said...

I'm really glad you have found such a nice place, with good people, for your mom.

dann walsh said...


there's a girl i went to high school with that runs a dance studio here. she, the little troupers themselves and the residents LOVE when she drags 'em around... i don't have the urge t' climb int' laps like they do, so therefore they're a much bigger hit!

i know whatcha mean by just bein' there is the reward... i always refuse the nominal fee... and bring shortbread cookies and milk for all who would partake!

keep on keepin' on...


josephine terese said...