Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"how do you remember that?"

(pretty often, mom and i'll be talking about some obvious or even seminal detail from her past and she'll ask me that question. i can only smile and shrug.)

with the catfish story fresh in mind (see previous post), i thought i'd recount it to mom today. when i got to the part about finally getting the nerve up to hold that fish...SHE FINISHED THE FREAKIN' STORY FOR ME!

she couldn't recall our friends' house on the blanco river that we spent a week in every summer for a dozen or so years, or where it was or when it was, but she remembered that single incident vividly. (apparently, being woken up one morning almost 50 years ago by me and a catfish kicks dr. alzheimer's ass. HAHAHAHAHA, take THAT, doc!)

"how do you remember that?" i asked.
she made a face, shrugged, and said, "well, why wouldn't i?"

i could only shrug my shoulders and laugh.


Annie said...

The trauma you must have caused your poor Mom that she remembers the incident! Too funny.

cornbread hell said...

that reminds me of another thing i supposedly said when i was a little kid.
"i try to be good, but i just can't!"

Chris said...

Any day anything kicks Alzheimer's ass is a good day! Go MOM!!!!

cornbread hell said...

you got that right, chris.

Enigma said...

I have no doubt that whatever you did to your mom as a kid will never be forgotten. You do some pretty unforgettable things as an adult, too. haha.

Give Mom a hug for me.

~Betsy said...

My mom could do that too - remember some terrible thing I did as a kid but forget what she had for breakfast.

Have a good Thanksgiving, Rick.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rick. I love your Mom's answer "why wouldn't I?" It literally made me chuckle because they do sometimes remember the strangest things when we don't expect it. They also seem to have little memory boosts that knock our feet right out from under us. Yesterday, Mom's memory boost was knowing her birthdate...month, day AND YEAR. It shocked the heck out of me since she hasn't remembered it for the last year. I agree with Chris...any day that anything kicks Alzheimer's ass is a good day.