Thursday, November 29, 2007

so you thought PMS was only for girls?

yeah, yeah. i know...that last one was pathetic. but sometimes a guy's just gotta vent, ya know? chalk it up to PMS, Pitying My Self. (no offense intended to those of you who suffer from the real thing.)

i called it *keepin' it real* because depression and dysfunction are real parts of life and it just seems disingenuous to always appear flippant or upbeat. still, i prefer irony and humor and ideas to the ugly stuff.

i am (we all are) some of each.

OK. with that said and outta the way, i hope you'll check out the HOTD and some other *interesting* pictures after the jump...

psst. come back later for the rest of it. after the Packers win by 7 over the Cowboys.
(i was wrong. the cowboys won by 10.)

but in an equally unimportant vein...


apparently, in 1968 airline hostesses wore helmets "to protect their hairdos."
(yes, they were called hostesses, or stewardesses back then. i'm not makin' this stuff up.)


no doubt those helmets were useful because...they (the "flight attendants," betsy)
seem to have spent time lounging in jet engine exhausts???

speaking of stewardesses... wasn't it Southwest Airlines that recently tried to bar a passenger for wearing a miniskirt on a flight?

(a 50 year old Southwest Airline promo photo.)

and here's a a 35 year old SW Airlines ad video!

11 seconds of hostesses in hot pants!!!:

speaking of airline flight amenitiies... when was the last time you saw something like this?

and speaking of HatsOTD!!!!!
but more importantly, "WTF?"

HOTD #6:
if she switches hands, do ya think that hat will miraculously shift to the other side???

can't we just have a laugh at ourselves?


~Betsy said...

I believe they are now called "flight attendants" instead of stewardesses. I think the name change came about around the same time the mini skirts went away.

cornbread hell said...
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cornbread hell said...

(sorry betsy. too many typos, so i deleted that comment.)

DUH! well of course they're called flight attendants now. that's a good thing.

and i think the whole thing is kinda funny, but then what do i know? heck, i don't even have real pms.

i'd still love to see someone wearin' a hat like those sideways pillbox thingies.

didn't the male hotel porters in the old movies wear something similar? (is it ok to say *porters* now? or should i say baggage handlers?)


~Betsy said...

My mom wore hats way back when. I seem to remember her using lots and lots of hairpins to keep them in place. They do look rather silly.

Annie said...

If I had to wear a hat like that, I'd spend all my time trying to shove it back on my head. Oh, it's falling off, no, it's supposed to be like that. Oh, it's falling off, no, it's supposed to be like that. I bet a man designed those.

Anonymous said...

1. Hot pants in those days were worn by stewardesses with pantyhose or tights underneath and therefore were more modest than the passenger's mini skirt (which as I seem to recall she wore without a waist to toe covering underneath).

2. My complaint though is that picking on that particular passenger appears to have been entirely arbitrary on the airline employee's part. I thought at the time and still think that he simply used his position to get away with talking to a pretty woman in detail about her revealing clothing, and by implication her body, in a way that would not be tolerated from him as just another jerk.

Signed, Cornbread Holy

*(¯`·¸*Chris*¸·´¯) * said...

I remeber taking a flight to Cali in the early 70's with my folks. I ws presented with my own set of "wings" during the flight. And yes, the flight attendants really looked like that! The hot pants, the whole bit. I wanted to be a flight attendant for a long time so I could wear prety clothes like that. Of course, I was very impressionable at that time!

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Yes, they were called hostesses and stewardesses back then. I applied, but they wouldn't take me because I was too short. LOL I guess 4'9" wasn't tall enough to reach the overhead compartments. I was heartbroken, but back then you didn't make a big deal about height discrimination. ROFL

cornbread hell said...

annie, i think you're on to something! and i bet that guy was somehow involved in the hairpin/hatpin industry.(see betsy's comment.)

cb holy,
1. hot pants + pantyhose = *more modest???*
2. i never thought of that. what a jerk!
3. at the risk of sounding like a jerk, i'm a big fan of the miniskirt.

chris, herb kelleher was a true visionary.

cornbread hell said...

joanne, i think it's about time you woke up to the real reason you weren't hired. the hotpants looked like capri pants on you and the miniskirts hid your thighs...

(i'm 5'8", pretty short for a man. i've always been attracted to women 5' tall and less. you tell two feathers t' treat you right or i just might have to... never mind. TMI? tough.)

Peggy said...

Thank You Rick I think this has done it. Snapped me out of my PMS, Pitying My Self., Depression.
Photo number five with the exaggerated smile on the boys face and then the next photo with the stewardesses smiling. Yep , now I am smiling at this silliness…. : ~ D

P.S. The stewardess helmet is news to me..