Thursday, November 1, 2007

more hats...and halloween at VT, too!

yeah, buddy. you'd better believe i took mom to the halloween party yesterday afternoon.

the fact is, i didn't need to because Linda, the new director of the alzheimer's unit, had 13 or 14 of them there! by my count that's some sort of record. (that's her on the left in the background talking with the aide.) kudos to her. and kudos to Jan and Karen for putting on such a fun event for ALL of the residents.

no, i didn't need to take her, but as you may have figured out by now, i kinda enjoy all those old coots. besides, i had what i considered a sure-fire 1st place costume for mom up my sleeve. if i could just get her to wear it, that is. she was not only not interested in going, she sure as hell wasn't gonna wear any stinkin' costume. no, not even a mask.

sure, mom. what ever you say. MUAH-HA-HA-HA!

for the rest of the story and more photos...

there were 4 categories for best costume: scariest, most creative, most original and, funniest.

i figured *funniest* would be a drop kick. all i had to do was convince one of the aides to bring me one of her extra uniform shirts and at the last minute, i'd have mom replace her ever-present, blue overshirt with it, then i'd add the giant name tag i made declaring her "Mary Anne: I AM THE BOSS OF YOU!" and the irony would be totally and undeniably funny to everyone there.

mom as an aide. hahahahahaha. "oh sure, honey, you want to go stand in the middle of the street? now...which way is the street?"

as it turned out, the aide who had agreed to bring the shirt either forgot or maybe was worried she might get in trouble, so we went to the party sans costume.
no problem. once we were there, i simply attempted to bribe another aide for her shirt. she had another shirt on underneath, i swear. (photographic proof available above in the 2nd pic. click on it to enlarge.)

so, ok. plan B: bribe a maintenance guy for his shirt and maybe a tool belt? way! (he already thought i was crazy, this just confirmed it, i think.)
again, no problem. i'll just go to plan C, right? trouble was, i didn't have a Plan C.

well, not until the moment Karen announced the *funniest costume* contest, that is...

the final competition was about to commence, and as neither of the previously mentioned *costumes* had materialized, at this point mom still had no idea i'd been scheming all along to get her into one. much less, get her up on stage to compete.

...[a little background info: sometimes residents and staff make little jokes about "mom and her sidekick" or some other such reference to whatever it is they think about my presence. hey, i don't mind. i may even take a certain amount of pride in it. i figure if they're laying some backhanded compliment on us, they're just jealous. who knows/who cares]...

so as people begin to walk up to enter as funniest costumers, i lean over and whisper in mom's ear, "wanta enter the contest?" she's confused, but agreeable.
(it's that "in the moment" thing. this is where she functions best. though she may balk at future and past, as i'm just beginning to understand and more fully appreciate, she still does quite well in the immediate now.)

when we got up there i locked arms with mom and told karen what we were supposed to be. she looked at me funny and then started the applause-o-meter with the "the crazy comic." i don't even remember who the other 2 entrants were, but i can tell you this: "the siamese twins" did not win.

we was robbed, i tell you!!!

well, *i* thought it was funny. and mom enjoyed it. a lot.


this is Hughlon. i think he won for most original. he's a really sweet guy who happens to be blind. he was "the pumpkin pie taster." (you just better hope to be so silly when you're his age.)

"scariest" (i think.) that witch's broom really cracks me up.

this person and the one above are 2 of several who remained incognito the entire time. to me, at least.

yet another unknown party goer. and that's mom's blue shirt next to her/him on the right.

activities director, Jan and MC Karen. conducting important business, no doubt.

below: Jane is in the foreground. i voted for her a couple of times. she came as "the *dish* who ran away with the spoon." hahahahaha. (that's a large silver spoon in her hand, btw.)

behind her: the crazy comic. the dastardly usurper of of the title, "funniest" costume, indeed.

ok, in fairness, he had previously, narrowly lost in 2 other categories, so i'll just chalk up *our* devastating loss to the pity vote...

oh, & i think they're married. (either that or they're shackin' up together.) who me? bitter? no, but i just might *accidentally* start a rumor...grrrr #%&#@%!



Denise said...

Oh! The lady with butterfly wings and the pie man need to get together! Reminds me of "Butterflies are free" - They both look so huggable...

Anonymous said...

i love this!!! every picture looks superb!!! i do agree with the judges though... siamese twins? play fair, lolol. incognito is scary... did they get hot or what! the funniest should have been the pie tester in MHO.

as for us. well... who knows why, just a part of them i guess. it defines them. here is is:
from oldest to youngest.

isabel: belbo baggins, isa, bel,
olivia: oliphant, mula, thunder,
preston: p.boy, little p. monkey,
joaquin: kino, kino jones, stinker.

cornbread hell said...

D- good eye. good idea. i'll see what i can do about that.

gina- sorry about the siamese twins thing, but i was getting desperate and i...maybe you haven't noticed, but sometimes i'm just a little monkey stinker.

p.s. re: thunder. check out this children's book. "sally ann thunder ann whirlwind crocket"

olivia just might like it.

cornbread hell said...

gina- i meant to mention this.

fyi, somewhere between a little known and totally unknown fact: "bib" is another diminutive of isabel. and also the source of my surname.

who knew/who cares, right?
*stinky monkey thunder bib* is my new middle name.

Annie said...

Being known as your mom's sidekick IS something to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

hey! i was posting, lol. you go try it now. post it i want to see who you look like.

Anonymous said...

i know!!! that's why the pope was sooo insulting for me. at least give me a woman, but no, i got an old pope instead.

Chris said...

Rick, Iam still trying tofigure out who gets a bigger kick out of these gatherings, you or your mom??? Sounds like a good time was had by all! You are a good son:)

Anonymous said...

This is Groucho...aka AD @ VT....Rick & his Mom were was the audience that just didn't understand...they got my vote! The pictures are wonderful - Rick, you truly captured all the fun. Thanks!

cornbread hell said...

thanks jan.
i hope you'll cruise the blog for more VT posts. there're quite a few of 'em.