Wednesday, November 7, 2007

HOTD: overhead lighting

for some reason, mom's never been big on overhead lighting. floor lamps and table lamps have always been more her style.

"someone keeps turning that ceiling light on."

"well, turn it off," i said.
"i can't reach the string.
"i guess i could climb up on that chair."

"hahahahaha. if you try that, please make sure it's sometime i'm here to watch, ok?" (ie: no, please don't do that. that doesn't seem like a very good idea, mom.)

so yesterday i brought a longer chain, but put it on the fan switch by mistake. when she tested it out the fan came on and in all seriousness asked,
"which one do i usually use? the fan or the light?"

"you don't 'usually' use either one, but you did tell me someone keeps turning the light on."
"they do? ...i don't remember that."

i just shrugged my shoulders and changed the chain. (ok, maybe i shook my head and rolled my eyes a little bit, too.)

today when i walked into her room the overhead light was on. i asked her who turned it on and she said,
"i did."

"do you like having it on?"
"no, not really, but i couldn't ever reach it before."

that's my mom.

hope you liked the HOTD. my friend dann walsh fixed it up for me. more about that after the jump.

i tried my amateur hand at composing (compositing?) the picture of mom and the light bulb hat and finally resorted to asking his advice. the turkey was reluctant to reveal state secrets. then again, maybe he knew i'd botch it up. instead, he sent me his professional rendition. (thanks, dann.)

but not without first *tryin'* to make me feel bad about how much friggin' work it was...(i was gonna quote his pissin' and moanin' here, but i won't. this time...)

hey, do yerselves a favor and go listen to the music.

click on the above link to listen to his original music and this one to see his oh so informative and visually appealing nyt x-word puzzle blog site.


Annie said...

The doctored photo made me laugh. Thanks.

dann walsh said...


i love it!


(thanx for the shout-out)

dann walsh said...


i must be friggin' goofy... i just read past the jump...

you're too much...


(ooh la la... links! thanks!)

Chris said...

Your mom is just precious. I could just take her and squeeze the stuffin's right out of her. I think I need to be readopted. Will she take me?

cornbread hell said...

she would love that, chris.

(maybe not the "stuffin's right out of her" part, though.)

nancy said...

another great picture. too cute!!

~Betsy said...

Your mom is a gem, Rick. Give her a big hug from me, will ya'?

Anonymous said...

i love this one! she is so funny and absolutely right. why not indulge in turning on the light now that she can?

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. Linking to you now so I can enjoy your wonderful humor each day. Thanks for sharing the picture. Your mom's a sweetheart.

josephine terese said...

hahaha. i don't like the light on but it's on just cause i can... remind you of any conflict concerning a motor and a steering wheel?