Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what is wrong with this picture?

"The only countries that seem to have enough sperm are those that pay - like the U.S. and Spain - or the countries that retain anonymity..."

hahahahah. taken out of context that's downright hilarious. taken in's still pretty damn funny if you ask me.

call me crass, but i think this is a Much bigger pollination problem.


Lily said...

I don't get it.

Annie said...

The apiary near my hometown where I usually get my honey closed down. He couldn't afford to keep replacing his bees. Sad.

cornbread hell said...

sorry lily - it was a pretty cryptic post. sometimes my lines are difficult to read through. i'll work on being more distinct. mostly, i thought the first article was genuinely funny. then i went off on a tangent
(sperm -> pollination)
about bees because, well, because i like bees. and then i failed to mention the obvious non-lack of sperm causing the ongoing epidemic of unwanted and undesireable pregnancies, teen and otherwise...clearly, i need an editor.

annie - that is sad.
we need to set your hives up and see 1st-hand wtf is going on.

Lily said...

Of course what I should have done, was click on the links to the other articles and all would have been revealed! Just so tired these days.
And I still don't get it ;-)

Lily said...

Meant to add how creepy the guy with dog looked, are they sure its his sperm? Aargh, need a full night's sleep *head drops on chest*.

cornbread hell said...

ok, i give up, lily...

a. maybe i just have a sick sense of humor.
b. i see often see irony even where maybe there isn't any.
c. your 'creepy guy and his dog' comment was hilarious.

Lily said...

That was a wink after the 2:02 referring to something other than your splendid submission. Ah well, that's the British/American humour divide for you.

cornbread hell said...

now i wish i had included a wink after my teasing comment about giving up.