Sunday, November 16, 2008

No Mo NaBloPoMo

and, oh, what a relief it is.

i'm pretty stubborn. i would've slogged through the month one way or the other. shoot, i even had/have an entry about *the top 10 reasons i'm a bigger dork than you are* pretty much typed out when my internet connection went awol last night. but this isn't it...

NaBloPoMo can kiss my pasty white ass.

...speaking of mistletoe, i saw this huge sprig on a walk early this morning and just had to shimmy up and snap it off. when i was a kid i probably would have broken it up into smaller pieces and made somewhere between 15 and 20 cents. (mistletoe was a major source of income for me back then. do kids still do that? well...they should.)

instead, i brought it home and hung it up in my doorway. that's probably not the wisest thing i've ever done, considering the only people who ever come up here are harold and rupert. and they're downright UGly.

anyway, one of these days i'l finish up the top 10 dorkiest post. and there are still a dozen or so map mosaic posts in the queue. here's a teaser for one of those.

i'll be back now and again. i wouldn't want to let my 1/2 dozen faithful readers down.


Lily said...

Damn right! Don't you DARE disappear! ((((take care))))

Lily said...

OMG - have just seen the photos of the fire on S's blog - what happened?!?!?!?!

rilera said...

Rick, LOL when I read your comment about the mistletoe. I don't think it grows up here in the tundra that is MN and I know of no kids who sold it for extra income. What a great idea though.