Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tears of joy.

tired of people posting about the election? tough. but i'll keep it short...

the daughter called last night. in tears.
called the son. in tears.
he was sobbing, too.
got an email from a friend:
"Yee fucking haw! that is all."

it was an emotional night. and for good reason. history was made. hope was reborn. i believe america grew up in a way last night.

another email from a friend:

Although we're miles apart, I'm celebrating tonight's victory with you. We all remember the civil rights march. Growing up in south Florida, I also remember separate bathrooms and water fountains, graduating from an all-white high school, and the teacher who proudly declared that he was black...that no one had colored his skin.

I have never been more proud to be an American.

and maybe my favorite email:
"I feel like i died and went to America."

today i am more proud of america that i have ever been in my life. and by the way, i thought mccain's gracious concession speech showed real class. i also wish mlk and barbara jordan and ann richards were here to see what is happening.


J said...

Poor Rick... *cheeky grin* you're emotionaly exhausted. ; )

cornbread hell said...

my sisters teased me like that when i was a kid. but i learned to love those snarky bi**hes.

Annie said...

I was crying in joy last night too.

josephine terese said...

109-year old daughter of a slave talks about obama's win.

SKYGIRL said...

Rick! I was a wreck, but in a good way. BAULING like a baby, hugging...strangers? I need Doctor Phil? I have been watching news coverage, and there were allot of tears, which helped me think I hadn't gone....bonkers? But I am a middle-aged white girl, from San Francisco, so why so emotional? I guess I am in 'good' company!

WE DID IT! Maybe I am not used to success. Complete and utter vendication. I am sure they were tears of "JOY!"

N.Mc. ;-)

J said...

hmmm? *wiggling eyebrows*....
"snarky bi**hes" ; ) *snort* silly boy! BWAHAHAHAHa