Tuesday, November 4, 2008

wha? 2 posts in one day? again???

yep. i'm so excited i just had to tell Someone...

i'm excited because "The Campaign" is finally (almost) freaking over!

if it had gone on one more day i think was goinG to have to shoot myself. sheesh. what a bunch of ninnies. and i don't even live in a freakinG battleground state where folks are constantly inundated with all those slanderous, negative tv ads. god bless america.

enough of the rant. let me tell you how "the vote" goes in my little world.

i took this lady to vote. (pic taken today)

now, for the past 6?-8?-12? months we've gone from her saying...
"obama sounds ok, maybe i'll vote for him." and me saying, "but you're a republican, mom. dad would turn over in his grave."
"oh, i just don't know if i want a woman to be president," she'd respond.

...to her saying, "who do you like?"
and i always tell her, obama.
"oh, i'm not sure i want to vote for a black man for president," she'll say. and i always tell her she doesn't need to worry about that because she's a republican and will vote for mccain.
"mccain, the republican. you'll like him, mom."

...to her pointing at the time magazine cover today and asking, "are you going to vote for this one or this one?"
i said, "i'm going to vote for obama," pointing to his picture.

"i think i'm going to vote for the other one," she said.

"that's good mom. we wouldn't want to mess up our 39 year old record of cancelling each others votes out, would we?"

(her laughing) "well why vote then?" she asked.
"because that would be unamerican. and besides, daddy would turn over in his grave," i told her. and she said, "ok. let's go."

i've had friends question why i help her remember that she is a die-hard republican, etc. even had people laugh AT me for it and shake their heads in disgust. but i don't think they understand what it really means to respect another person for who they are. in this case, maybe, who they "were."

GOBAMA! even if my vote doesn't count.

[and yes, i do hate, hate, hate what W has done to our country and to the world and to my kids' future and for so much more. and yes, i do believe mccain is Much less likely to rectify any of those egregious mistakes than obama is. yes, i am afraid of even the most remote possibility of a palin presidency. (((yikes)))

but i also remember sitting in the den as a 17 year old kid, watching the election returns in 1968, still under the political influence of a mindset that literally trembled at the thought of hubert humphry as president...i remember waking up the next morning with such relief that nixon had won...i wondered how nearly 1/2 the country had wanted otherwise...

and i am still amazed at the "other half." which ever side you are on, there is another side made up of real people. (true in war, too. read:iraq) they're not all good. not all bad. dumb as rocks in your or my opinion, but still human beans. and worthy of my respect. peace.]


Lily said...

We are watching the election with interest over here too. I would dearly like Obama to win but am afraid that if he does, someone will assassinate him within 6 months and that will create havoc.

Lily said...

oh my god, he did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rilera said...

I have a ton of respect for you reminding your mother of 'who she is' when she can no longer remember. Now that's true love. You are a good son, Rick.

bulletholes said...

Hey, cornbread!
Thanks for the visit. We have a lot in common.
It'll be good to know ya!

cornbread hell said...

likewise, bulletholes. i'll be back to visit...