Tuesday, November 18, 2008

♫ happy birthday to you ♪♫♪

(updated post script after the jump)

and mom says so, too...

(sorry we didn't get around to making you a card, lynn anne.)

at mom's today we called l.a. to wish her a happy birthday, but got the answering machine. mom talked for a while and either forgot she was talking to a machine or l.a. had picked up during the call. anyway, mom said, "i'll let you talk to rick" and handed me the phone.

i took it and said, "hello. hello?...hellooo?..."

hahahahahaha. doh! i sure hope the machine was still running to catch our buffoonery.


josephine terese said...

what a pretty sister

Annie said...

I know this is a personal post, but am I allowed to say that everyone in your family has beautiful smiles?

cornbread hell said...

josephine - pretty sisters run in the family.

annie - of course you can. (thanks)

Lily said...

Wow, don't you and your sister look alike?! I always wanted an older brother but was doomed to remain an only child. Sniffle.

cornbread hell said...

"an 'older' brother"...ha

if she reads that, you just made my sister's day. (she's 102. i'm only 97.)