Friday, November 14, 2008

adventure at the arboretum

yesterday i was one of 16 lucky individuals to go on a field trip to the dallas arboretum. we were 11 memory care residents and 5 chaperons.

our 5 hour adventure included 1 1/2 hours of walking, riding and sitting as we enjoyed the splendor of a 66 acre park filled with perennial and annual blooms, old growth and newly cultivated trees, sculpture, construction, and most importantly, human interaction.

i can't remember the lady's name on the left, but that's henry in the middle and mom on the right.
(click on the pic, lynn anne, to see yo momma's natural smile.)

although henry's daughter and i went to be with our parents, we ended spending more time chasing the more active old geezers around.

- the weather was a perfect 72 degrees.
- we only had one scare; when ms. billie fell on the pavement.
- the 2 hour adventure actually took 6 hours from start to finish.
- mom said she was surprised at how beautiful it was.
- i saw a sign advertising chicken salad sandwiches!! (and some stonework i'd forgotten doing 15 years ago.)
- joyce thought everyone there was with our group.
- everyone there wished they were part of our group.
- i am more in awe than ever of full time caregivers.

and i hope this slide show works...

[edit: i see it works, but the 1st half of it is the same as the 2nd half without the captions... doh!]

peace, y'all.


josephine terese said...

man that looks like fun! i haven't been to the arboretum since girl scouts.

cornbread hell said...

ah, that's just what we needed. a mrs horan to keep those old folks on the straight and narrow.

rilera said...

Looks like it was a lovely time had by all. I hope Ms. Billie is OK. Thanks for sharing these photos. And your mom has a lovely smile.

Annie said...

If I ever make it back to Dallas, I'm going there. Thank you for sharing the photos.

dmarks said...

I didn't see that place when I was last in Dallas, but I could have.