Tuesday, December 4, 2007

on this day in history, december 4

Video Update, Dec. 10
(this video from dec 7 refers to a dec 4 event mentioned later in this post.)

i may have said it first, but as always, keith olberman says it best.

lots of stuff happened. things change. some for the better, some for the worse. but shit still happens. and i can't do anything but marvel at it all.
(enough links follow the cut to bore your socks off. hahahahaha.)

i personally don't find any of it boring. i hope you'll read each link and think.

on this day in history, december 4th...(irony intended in all cases.)
1780- washington's cousin tricks loyalists.

1867- oliver kelley organizes the grange.

1917- psychiatrist reports on the phenomenon of "shell shock."

1942- polish christians come to the aid of polish jews.

1945- senate approves u.s. participation in u.n.

1969- police kill 2 members of the black panther party.

2007- Dumbya repeated history by, again, refusing to let go of his warmongering and america-demeaning ways. in spite of reliable classified information, and lying, again, (note the date of that news report) about when he was privy to it, president dumbya fired off yet another blistering bunch o' mind boggling bluster of rhetoric (again) aimed at savin' the world from those nasty, nasty persians. (again)

2007- if Iowans have any real say in the matter, the un-united slates of america may have found a worthy successor for president in mr. governor mike huckabee. (just think of the fun we could have with his name.)
he was quoted today as sayin' he has, "advocated for broad public school course lists that include the creative arts and math and science."

Why, then, he asked, "is evolution such a fascination?"

uh...maybe because it's science, mr former gov?

also on this day in history, i'm pretty sure every other politician said and did something i will laugh at, but those 2 guys take the cake.
the rest of 'em just disgust me.

i think they're ALL a bunch of nimrods.

well, maybe there's one i like, but he doesn't stand a chance in hell of bein' nominated.
and no, i'm not gonna tell ya who it is unless you ask nicely. i don't like bein' laughed at so much.


Annie said...

That is why I was yelling "idiot, idiot, idiot!" at the TV yesterday morning.

Dear Mr. Cornbread Hell,
I would be very interested in hearing your preferences for the presidential nominee. I avow that no laughter will ensue. Thank you for your consideration of my request.

rilera said...

...and I was yelling idiot, idiot, idiot at the radio during the snowstorm in which it took me 3 hours to get home from work. Everytime I hear Dumbya speak I just cringe.

cornbread hell said...

ok. from those responses i'm guessing y'all might not laugh when i say i admire dennis kucinich. a lot.

(everybody else can just start hollerin' "idiot, idiot, idiot" at their monitors now...)

cornbread hell said...


hahahahaha. one reader not only likely hollered *idiot* at me, but also deleted my blog link from their sidebar.


rilera said...

I knew you were going to say him. I'm not that familiar with his platform but I'll check it out. I wonder if Ralph Nader (a.k.a 'the spoiler') will run again? In 2004 I actually went to a John Edwards rally. Quite interesting.

cornbread hell said...

yeah, i'm pretty transparent,robyn.

i've voted for nader before and regretted it. i even wrote-in a candidate once. i do not like most politicians, but i'll most likely vote dem this time.

as for people...i respect and get along with all stripes. i figure we're all in this together. most of my relatives are republicans and lots of my friends, too. but they're honest.
politics seems to have a way of undermining honesty.

end of rant.

Annie said...

Nope, not laughing at all.

Their loss! (The blog link deleter, I mean.)

Anonymous said...

I knew you would say Kucinich and I know there's at least a little part of you voting for Mrs. Kucinich as First Lady just so you can look at her more often! Can't blame you for that. She is gorgeous!


cornbread hell said...

o lydia, o lydia... you're wrong. i gave up lookin' at wemmen. i like dennis because of what he says and how he's consistently voted his conscience. not because he has a hot wife.

silly girl.

Anonymous said...

I was just teasing, silly boy. I know you remain strong in your beliefs.

Gave up looking completely and totally? silly boy.

Enjoy life a little more, okay?

cornbread hell said...

i'm not bein' silly. like the post says, things change.


josephine terese said...

they also rated obama top among the democratic candidates.
not too bad.

cornbread hell said...

josephine, i did not know that. i'm glad to hear it. i heard portions of a recent speech of his today and hoped he'd be the nominee out of the front runners.

it was an awesome speech full of saying all the right (in my opinion) things. i want to believe in him.