Friday, December 21, 2007

it turns on a dime.

today was a good day at mom's. there's a 1/2 finished blog about it with a gajillion pictures. and even a 'shopping days til christmas' post, but they will rest in the queue until the blood in my legs returns.
suddenly i am emotionally numb. don't wait up for me.

if that all sounds overly dramatic, i apologize. *i'm* ok. just kinda limp. and concerned for a friend--some friends. peace, y'all.


Annie said...

Here's hoping the blood returns soon. Your concern for others is what makes you a good friend. Nothing dramatic about that.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Here's hoping you'll soon be back to...what should I say...yourself. Wishing you good thoughts and sending some for your friends as well. ((hugs))

~Betsy said...

Hang in there, Rick. :)

Athena said...

Thank you