Thursday, December 20, 2007

2 items from & other craziness

this is a bar. can you guess where it is?

INSIDE of a TREE?! no way. really?
yep. i think the ages are incorrect, but it's still amazing. click here to see a most unique place to grab a beer.

(for *some reason* this reminds me of my favorite groucho quote: "outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.")

and click here to read what dr. wikipedia has to say about the baobab tree. pretty interesting stuff, huh?

also in the misc. wow! category (or what in the cornbread hell?) and maybe just in time for your last minute holiday shopping needs...
"Pump up the breasts to your desired size or just have some fun on Halloween with mismatched breasts." i'm NOT makin' this shit up, folks.

speaking of breast implants, don't i remember a story a few years back about some lady's implant stopping a bullet or somethin' and keeping it from piercing her heart?

yeah, here it is.
the comments there are hilarious.

i suppose after all this boobie talk it's only fair to include a little poke at the lesser gender...


peggy said...

I was looking reading a book by an washington photgrapher from the 1890- 1920s of photos he had taken of the loggers. The hollow stumps of Giant cedar trees were made into cabins and homes. Kindof fun! I want one..

cornbread hell said...

wow. i want to see that book. that is sooo cool.

Annie said...

That video is funny!