Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a brief interlude from the "shopping days until you know what" countdown...

do y'all know LEV? (no, not the artist in the Chaim Potok novel. the VIDEO ARTIST, silly.)

i think he's a pretty cool* dude. check this out and then look for more of his stuff. (thanks, terri.)

here's another really cool* video artist. (thanks, sean.)

BEWARE: that's a really mild brad neely video.
p.s. sean's my son. i don't know brad, but sean's way more cool* than brad.


* not cool like "the cool guys," but for real cool.


Annie said...

I love the JFK impersonation. Dead on!

cornbread hell said...

did you look at any of his other videos? i especially liked the george washington one. funny stuff.

i hope you're feeling better, annie.

Annie said...

I don't see the George Washington one. :(