Saturday, December 15, 2007


should i? or shouldn't i?
with your help, maybe i'll decide after the cut.

for at least a year now i've been dying to do something i know i prob'ly shouldn't do. any parent in their right mind knows better than to try suggesting a mate for their kid. right?
well, crap. i'm not particularly known for bein' of sound mind, so...

let's weigh the pluses and minuses, shall we?

+ he's awesome. she's awesome.
- i've never actually met her. i only know her through her myspace blogs. (they're *private* or i'd give you a link or paste a few here for decision making purposes.)

+ they're perfect for each other.
- that's *my* opinion.

+ she likes orange and pink. he's been known to wear orange and his sister's favorite color is pink.
- that's a stupid reason.

+ the big lebowski is their favorite movie.
- it's mine too. maybe i'm prejudiced?

- they live 2000 miles apart.
+ ever heard of AIRPLANES?

+ they both like cats, both of 'em are funny as all get out, both are good people, both are pretty much flaming liberals, they're both brilliant and gainfully employed, they're both single...
- i might piss him off for meddling.

+ both of their middle names have a *Y* in them!
- her name is worth a minimum of 13 points in scrabble. his is unacceptable.

+ he's taller than she is.
- she's a little older. (but not much and that's just stoopid, anyway.)

+ they're both quite fetching.

- oops.
looks like i forgot to wait for y'all's advice.

yikes! i sure hope i'm not in big trouble right now.


Joanne D. Kiggins said...

+ They both look good in orange. :D

I'm not offering any advice or suggestions on this one, Rick. When it comes to getting in're on your own. LOL

cornbread hell said...

lord knows i'm an expert at that. hahahaha

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Apparently I am too. No wonder we get along so well. LOL

Annie said...

The world needs more flaming liberals. Hook em up!

DONALD said...

Opposites attract, but you never know...

You're in trouble already, just show the post and explain yourself as best as possible!

Modern parent!

Linda G said...

+ Very few people really look good in orange. That alone gets my vote.

+ Sometimes (most times) our kids really need our help.

Cornbread, one of these days I'll cyberhook you up with someone I've found!

cornbread hell said...

go annie!

donald - don't i know it...

linda - why does that sound like a threat?

*(¯`·¸*Chris*¸·´¯)* said...

A perfect match! Hook em up! NOW!

~Betsy said...

Ask her to friend him on myspace (or he to friend her - whichever works) and wait for the phone call announcing their wedding! I think us parents know better than they do.

cornbread hell said...

sean, when/if you read this, please do as betsy suggested above. just DO it. it can't hurt can it?

(rick ducks)