Sunday, December 2, 2007

"a beautiful mind"

good movie!

i just saw it on tv and thought it was a well written, well acted story. (oh yeah? you don't care what i think? fine. then don't read any further...)

i enjoyed the tricky way it kept me wondering about the hallucinations, but finally came clean with the truth. i also like the moral of the story, which i see as a really big lesson john nash learned in the course of his life regarding the true meaning/worth of both logic and love.
if you saw it and didn't shed a tear when nash was given pens for his accomplishments,'re made of completely different stuff than i am.

[photo above: my son holding a human brain in the sfasu science center.]

oh &, speaking of a well written and beautiful story. check out Captain Anne's latest blog post...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Psych 101

So we walk up and momma is strutting across the yard with her cane and hollering at us to "take that boy somes place". Quite outraged and not a force I would want to reckon with too often. Two old men are sitting on the front porch, nodding in agreement, "Yes 'am, yooze herd her right, uh-huh. That boy needs to go". "I's be scared of him". The call came out as a psych patient and knowing those are my favorite calls in the world, I jumped right in the truck for this one. Was ready to jump back in the truck after we heard the family's comments.

The south is a funny place. It is hard to describe the head nods and funny grins and mannerisms that make it such a delightful place. But sometimes it is a challenge to be around some of these people when they have their dander up. This was one of those times. So, I left my partner outside to deal with them and gladly went inside to deal with the supposed crazy boy. Him, I can handle with no problem. I can drop a 200+ pounder to the ground with little effort, but trying to stop up the mouths of angry people is something else. Took my chance on doing some wrestling inside the house.

To my surprise the kid was quite pleasant and cooperative. Saw no indication that he was violent or pissy with anyone. I began to wonder if we needed to round up the ones outside instead. Then momma came barging in and said, "This boy be actin' and talkin' crazy! Told me he wants to go live in the rain forest! What sort of crazy stuff is that?" I told her that didn't sound all that far fetched to me, as there were some days I'd like to move to a different climate. "He bought some swords! He gonna chop me inta little pieces! I saws that on TV, I did!" At that point, it was time to turn on the counselor/psychiatrist mode and get to work. On momma.

All I saw was a young kid living with ancient relatives, who had differences of opinion. So we talked for a good hour about how to get along with others and when I left they were all hugging and "I loves ya, son!" and grins all around. That is the difference between working in the big city and working out here in the country. There is time to be decent and understanding of the conflicts people tend to find themselves in. We learn to be good listeners and pick up on body languages that might be missed under rush, rush circumstances.

And it is entertaining to boot. Right in the middle of all this, Barney Fife showed up to back us up in case of trouble. Took him a minute to get his bulk out of the car and waddle up to the porch. I went outside when I saw him pull up, just to let him know all was alright inside, and I hear this exchange:

"Howdy, Miz Watson, Mr. Watson" (as he tips his hat). I see you havin' problems with Junior again. Why, you know one of them Riley boys done shot a Cooper boy just a while ago".

Momma clutches chest, "Oh, Lordy, no!. I knows those boys be no good" Poppa: "I told you they was trouble. Last year theys......"

In the meantime, Junior has been forgotten and I am chuckling so hard inside I thought I would pee my pants. They are funny and I love them and who would ever want to do anything else for a living?


~Betsy said...

Is your son studying to be a doctor? I can't imagine holding a human brain - I just can't even imagine.

cornbread hell said...

haha. no, Betsy, but thanks for asking.

he's involved in a digital project to aid students and teachers in learning about history, science, and culture.
the human brain project is just one tiny aspect of the Texas Tides website. (

check out these videos:

[if those links don't work, i take full blame. maybe he'll check in here and provide better access to the awesome educational website he's done so much to help create...(right sean?)]

Anonymous said...

hi! it has been such a long time. nice to be back here and read your wonderful adventures. it makes my day! i dunno. been overwhelmed. oli came down with chickenpox for thanksgiving. yes, chickenpox, lol. found out hubby is really close to leaving now with customs to be trained out of state for a few months. i'll be a single mom of 4 for a while. nervous as heck. i've never lived alone, did you know? married at 20 (straight out of mom's house to hubby's) and now i am going to be in charge of all four of them, lol. well, i'm glad for hubby and for us. yet still nervous. i'm moving too. so everything is stressing me out. the blog is kind of abandoned. although i think i will start writing again, it might help to unload :)

rilera said...

You are right, that's a great movie. I liked how it put a whole new spin on mental illness. Very well acted too.

cornbread hell said...

gina, super mom!!!- so good to hear from you.
i miss your funny posts. i hope everything goes smoothly for you during all these transitions.

rilera- yes it really was. and how 'bout that kirby puckett apologist on your comment page! woo.
(i think i know who it was if yer interested.)

Barby said...

ur kids rawk............ but im not telling u anything u dont already know!!love a Beautiful mind as well