Friday, December 14, 2007


Hat? or Hair? i sure can't figure it out. (i kinda sorta think it's a hairhat.)
more silliness beyond the jump.

too corny for ya? tough. *i* think it's fffunny.
(if you haven't noticed, *corn* is my first name.)

DOUBLE irony?
a friend of mine sent me this picture saying how ironic he thought it was. he thought it was jackie o and marilyn monroe...hey, give him a break. the kid's only 29 years old.
(i guess i've had the hots for sophia for at least 50 years now. uh, come to think of it, jayne wasn't too shabby either...)


josephine terese said...

on freerice (which i have gotten all my friends to do) i just got "tessera: a mosaic square" correct.

cornbread hell said...

yay josephine. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*(¯`·¸*Chris*¸·´¯)* said...

Looks a bit areodynamic to me. She would fair well in a good windstorm going backwards:)

cornbread hell said...

ahahahahaha. you and i really should hang out some time, chris. you crack me up.

Douglas said...

Jayne's coming mighty close to a nip slip there...

And no, I haven't read "God Knows." Should I?

cornbread hell said...

another funny thing about that picture is that it was apparently posted as a "nip slip." (i feel sure hers are much lower down, though.)

good to hear from you, douglas.

i enjoyed "god knows." i read it in tandem with my bible and was astounded at how heller's narrative followed the biblical text. you might enjoy it.

rilera said...

That's a chapeau.