Sunday, October 28, 2007

this post is only for silly people

...and if you also have kids or grandkids or if you just like to bake, it's especially for you. (provided you're goofy enough.)

yoinked from a friend:


Our church has a Halloween carnival every year (actually it's the "Unicef Carnival" because all proceeds are donated to Unicef), and this year I'm helping prepare food for the "gross foods" booth. So far today I have completed:

Halloween spiders (chow mein noodles in melted chocolate with M&M eyes)
Frankenstein eyeballs (sugar cookies with white frosting, a chocolate chip pupil, and red gel blood vessels)

and am in the process of making:

Crusty Booger Balls (coconut, sweetened condensed milk, ground almonds, and lime jello mix rolled into balls and then rolled in more lime jello mix)

happy halloween, y'all.

forget the read more link this time, there's nothin' there. go check out the Kitty Litter Cake link and get to cookin'.


flintysooner said...

My nephew would especially love this although it is a little bloodless for his taste.

:: gina :: said...

ewe! gross!!!!! lolol

cornbread hell said...

flinty- that's pretty funny. maybe you should just give him a bottle of ketchup. for outdoor use only, of course.

gina- in a way, this post was really aimed at you and your kids. pleeze don't TELL me not you're gonna make hairy eyeballs for them this week!

dann walsh said...!

cornbread hell said...

kinda made ya hungry, didn't it dann?

dann walsh said...


yeah... yeah, THAT'S what it did!