Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Haaa...lle...luuu...jah. Hallelujah!!

mom and i got the hell out of dodge for a couple of days. she was pretty disoriented for a while, but i can't tell you how much it meant to her to be with her daughters. by the time we returned she was practically babbling about how much she enjoyed the visit. and yet she was happy to be *home* again.

when we returned, the aide on duty, tracy, told her over and over again how much she was missed.
mom could barely listen to the (sincere) accolades.

HA! she was too busy tellin' tracy about *going all the way to Stephenville and seeing her daughters and her son in law. and how her shoulders hurt because it was Such a long trip.*

(107 miles door to door.)

hahaha…the truth is, i think her shoulders ached a little bit because one of my sisters we had the pleasure of being with is both a physical therapist and a yoga teacher and she had mom doing some exercises.
click on the picture and say, "hallelujah!"

i can't think of a time the two of them enjoyed each other more.

here's a picture of mom and reenie NOT exercising.

with their vanity fair magazines...

and here's one of reen and her beautiful smile.

she plumb makes ya feel good, doesn't she? i guess that's just one of the things healers do.

(psst. don't tell her i used her hair brush the other morning. she'll never even notice my short gray hair in it unless you tell her.)


Linda G said...

I've missed you the past couple of days...glad you were doing something fun.

I really enjoy your blog, and I feel as if I know your family.

cornbread hell said...

i've missed doing the puzzles almost as much as i've missed harassing you with comments.

it's great to hear from you, linda.

Chris said...

Your sis has an amazing smile and an equaly amazing brother.

cornbread hell said...

well thanks, chris. hope you're doin' ok.

flintysooner said...

Mom didn't enjoy the physical therapists way back when. So dad, being protective and having Alzheimer's, escorted more than one to the door. Kind of hard job I think.

Somewhere along the way I lost the coordination necessary for Yoga. Or at least the desire I guess.

I think you made a good decision on a great trip.

cornbread hell said...

flinty- the trip really was good for mom. it gave her a much needed sense of connectedness that's still lingering.

my sister has chosen a path few could handle. she's worked with disabled children here and in destitute conditions in india, old folks, brain trauma definitely takes a special soul to do what she's done.

funny image of your dad there. i can almost see it. "no ma'am we didn't order any PT. we ordered pepperoni."