Monday, October 8, 2007

this is a post for my x-word buddies

i normally don't do the nyt puzzle in real time, but i did for the last few weeks so i could guest blog for my cyber friend, Linda G. i had so much fun doing it.

part of that fun was due to the dubious work my incompetent paparazzi did over the course of those 2 weeks. (unfortunately i had to fire all of them. they kept sending me pictures of Ava Gardner for some reason.)

one fool even sent in a picture of himself and his mom. (she was wearing a Very inappropriate bikini...)

so, i finally gave up trying to capture a picture of the real linda g.

much like in puzzle solving, as soon as i stopped trying, the answer just miraculously appeared out of nowhere...

this photo was sent to me by none other than Will Shortz hiz self. and he swears it's the real deal.

like i always say, if ya can't trust that trickster, who can ya trust?

trust me. those are the real toes. just ask linda.

aloha, y'all.

(try sayin' that 2 or 3 times fast and see where it gets you.)


josephine terese said...

will shortz for real?

cornbread hell said...

hahahaha. gotcha!
as if will shortz would email me...

josephine, you should know better than almost anyone what a big fat liar i am.
actually, linda g. sent me that photo. pretty cool toe ring, huh?

(and that's the honest to quinipissa truth.)

Denise said...