Thursday, August 23, 2007


RECONDITE - adj. obscure, hidden.
ex: "although recent silence may naturally be interpreted as a desire to be recondite, it has actually been a result of a circumstantial need to personally recondition."

note. recondite (from L. reconditus, pp. of recondere "store away,") and (re)condition (from O.Fr. condicere " to speak with, talk together,") are apparently unrelated etymologically.


Anonymous said...

I like this word,, I hope all is well,
I feel I need to do the same personally recondition...

flintysooner said...

I was wondering.

cornbread hell said...

isis- thanks. i'm doin' better. i haven't checked the blogs *over there* recently, but when i do i'll read yours first.

flintysooner- you were? i just read some of your blog. i like it a lot.
thanks for droppin' by.