Friday, August 3, 2007

happy hour. (this is a test.. only a test)

(that's Addy in the middle. Justin on the right. The Young Lady on the left is close to 90 yrs old.)

i went to happy hour with mom at the old folks home today.

there was a crooner there.

when he got to *goodnight irene* in his set, he went around the room with his mike and the cute old geezers/geezerettes sang "gooood night iree-ee-eene...."

it was freakin awesome.

i have a 2 minute movie of it (comes out lookin' similar to the 2nd *pic* above.) i've no idea how to put it online. but i would if i could. yup. (can you help?)

Later on I’ll post some better photos and tell y'all more about the extravaganza.

(my favorite couple. damn!) click on the picture. take 60 seconds to stare. what do you see in their expressions?
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Enigma said...

What a wonderful evening. I bet she looked glorious with the smile I know was there. You are the best.

cornbread hell said...

but your dating adventures sound like a whole lot more fun.