Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the mom chronicles continued (part 1)

i haven't posted about mom in over 2 1/2 weeks. i guess it's about time. here's some stuff from 3 weeks ago.

thursday, 8-9:
went downstairs and wandered into a book review. she can't focus well to read, but she does seem to enjoy listening to someone talk about books so i left her there while i sat out in the lobby to wait and listen.

it was a bob hope biography and a fairly boring (hour long!) lecture to me, but all of the old folks found it interesting, including mom. so, before i left the building i went to the activity director, Jan to request a bob hope/bing crosby "road" movie for the sunday matinee. "oh what a great idea!" she said. i left feeling quite pleased with myself.

[btw, Jan had actually already ordered "the road to rio."]

sunday, 8-12:
2:00 - took mom downstairs to see "Road to Rio." it was a packed house! biggest crowd i've seen there to date.
2:20 - mom leaves.
bewildered, i follow after her. "where you going?
"i was bored." (or maybe she said, "i didn't know what was going on." i don't remember.)

in any case, so much for my *great ideas.*

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