Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a gratuitous post

just returned from a lovely 2 day road trip with my sister. we went to visit my son in east texas.

while the sister and the son worked all day, i mostly sat in the library and read. i read 2 books by the same author cover to cover. (one was ok, one much better than ok.) at lunchtime and in the evenings we got to hang out together. and with the son's friends. i needed that.

also walked around the town and campus, looked at lots of old maps in the library where my son works (i'm a dweeb) and met some interesting people and listened to violin music in the student union center &, oh, i got a haircut and drank coffee and did the small town newspaper crossword puzzles, which were more challenging than i thought they'd be.

and now, back home...

seeing mom after not seeing her for 2 days makes 2 things clear.
she's a goner
and our daily contact really is a good thing for us both.

a funny thing happened afterwards. i stopped at the 7-11 for some smokes. a guy asked me if i'd give him a ride home. i did. and this is why this is "a gratuitous post"...i'm still working on how best to tell the story of Dennis the quadriplegic and his wife and the crack house and the scary ghetto neighborhood and finally making it home to find my weeds mowed and my email so nearly bereft of meaning.

more as i sort it all out. maybe.
thanks to lynn anne and sean for the respite. thanks to them both and to terri and orange for the cyber connection.
thanks to the mystery of life for the adventure with dennis.

.lurkers are always welcome. comments even better.


Jacquelyn F. Purdy said...

Hey stranger.

I keep forgetting about livejournal for long periods of time, then checking my friends page and seeing your posts. Then I go to your blog and I am reminded each time I read your posts how absolutely cool and amazing you are. It makes me nostalgic.

Still in Dallas, yes?

My email is jpurdy (at) austincollege (dot) edu if you fancy an e-chat sometime.


cornbread hell said...

thanks, jackie. i can't tell you how good it makes me feel to hear from you. oh, sure i can. really good.

yep. still in dallas. thanks for droppin' by.
funny thing is, i thought of you earlier today - after hearing from leigh for the 1st time in a long, long while.

(i still use the jackiepurdy numbering system.)

Linda G said...

Finally catching up on my blog reading. I loved the animator link. Where do you find these things?

I loved all your "mom stuff." It was certainly not good that my mom died so young (younger than you and I are now), but at least I didn't have to see her suffer the way you're doing. I have a few friends who've been dealing with the same thing. Know that you're often in my thoughts, my cyberfriend.

cornbread hell said...

a friend sent me the animated video. i love it.
and i'm a real sucker for sincerity. your comments tend to bring a tear of joy. thanks.