Saturday, August 4, 2007

as the blog turns...

lately i've posted a lot of mom stuff. i feel a need to rectumfy that. so i'm gonna spare you today's report other than to say it was a fun 2 hour visit.
i nixed my last blog because it became one political diatribe after another. i'm hoping to achieve a more balanced approach this time around.

so without further ado, we now present

~ The Fuck Post ~

bobby knight says it most succinctly,

(thanks again, terri)

but this is an absolutely, fucking hilarious website. if you like to laugh, check it out, you fuckers.

and this one is along the same lines, but maybe only freakin' funny.

...speaking of words, word usage, dictionaries, etc., if you like words and dictionaries, you might enjoy listening to this podcast. i sure did. (unlike the above links it's 100% fuck free.)
a cyberquaintance is featured. her website, diary of a crossword fiend, is listed on my sidebar. she recently won 1st place from the Dictionary Society of North America for proposing a new dictionary entry. watch the podcast to find out what the word is and to learn why i just now googled cyberquaintance. (what the fuck? there are already 5 google hits. )

oh, & p.s. if you don't like words and dictionaries, well...fuck you.


Orange said...

I liked that grammatical exploration of "fuck."

Where the F word ties into the podcast is that when an individual is hangry, he or she is exponentially more likely to utter the F word and its kin.

cornbread hell said...

i've never been one to rely on hangriness to say "fuck." fuck, sometimes i just say it.

...but by the timbre of my voice and the gangree(sic) of facial expression..."don't mind him, he's just hangry."