Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 poems for fall. by Josephine T. Bibby

well, that last post about josephine's amazing literary skills was fairly popular. but it seems to have failed to sufficiently embarrass the daughter. so let's see if i can rectify that after the jump.

(you uppity little so-and-so. don't you roll your eyes at ME, missy!)



as a 7 year old, she was unquestionably and undeniably the brutally, unbelievable, underage, *poet lariat* of velasco street. or at least of our household.

she was the master of rap before rap was popular. and she can still talk your ears to a painful pulp.

before mtv existed, MC J-O Co0L ruled the universe from her yellow writing pad. singlehandedly.  

oh? you think i'm exaggerating? hah! take what follows as irrefutable evidence. read it and weep, suckas...

two seasonal poems from the master: 

move over lil' kim. MC J-O Co0L is darting.


rilera said...

Way to go Josephine! Very good poems!

Lydia said...

wow, so THOSE are pomes!

so the previous post was a stORy.

by JO, i think i've finally got it!
(Jo, please pardon my previous ERRoar. I was called on that one.)

what a smarty pants kid. that explains the studious look on her face in the bedtime story pic with her dad. precious pic. as for the rolly we could start a new collection of rolly eyes around rick pics. REALly love that pic!

like wind in the buffalo grass,
anonymously honestly tl lydia

Anonymous said...

cornbread! i missed you! i've looked at your picws, i've missed so much! but it's good to see that big smile of your again :)

Maxine Dangerous said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! :D

Joanne said...

Been catching up, Rick. Love the story about you reading to your daughter. The poems are great, too, JO! You done good, Rick. She's a treasure. :)

Annie said...

Josephine must love you dearly to put up with you. You have reason to be a proud papa. When can we expect the publication of "The Collected Works of Josephine T. Bibby"?

J said...

; ) You're laughing now...but there's a rumor out there that you need to remember.... your children are the ones that pick your nursing home... *wiggleing eyebrows* *giggle*snort*
On your behalf... Jo may chalk it up to having a proud dad.
; )

Athena said...

Jo is amazing... I've always thought so, and I'll hope you'll let her know. Sean too.

rainbowheart said...
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rainbowheart said...

Jo the poems are really good. Rick, a little off of the subject..but you look just like a freind of mine.