Saturday, September 20, 2008

a very brief family history on my dad's side

i recently found a booklet of 7 snapshots taken when i was about 3. 
oooh. ricky does not look so happy in this one does he?

no, that's just my serious look...

nice hat, lynn anne!

what follows are the only photos i've ever seen of myself with my great grandfather. and i don't remember him at all.


this next one is my favorite: great grand dad (Joseph Richard), dad (Joseph Richard, who died thinking he was a Joe Richard) and me (Joe Richard).

i grew up being told i was JOE RICHARD IV. turns out i am really the 1st...but i suppose i *am* JoRichardB, IV! and JB, V.                  

...making my daughter Jo B, V.  and JB, VI !  confused yet? hahahaahhaha

[i never met my grand dad* (Jesse Richard) or my g-g grand dad** (Josephus Byron).]

my grandmother (Granny) with my mom.

granny with my dad. granny was a real colorful character. she deserves a book to be written about her. i miss her the most. other than my dad, i guess. (i really like this pic, too.)

this is my great grandmother (Big Mama) in the next 3 photos. i wonder what reen and i are lookin' at in this 1st one? whatever it is, lynn anne doesn't seem at all amused...hahahaha

this was the last picture in the little booklet. uncropped. i love the partial image of my mom at the stove in the background. (click on it, or any picture, to see details.)


*i also found this photo of my dad and uncle with their dad, Jesse Richard. it's about 1" square so i taped it to the back of another photo to scan it. (yes, lynn anne, i finally got your scanner working. today!)

and this is the ONLY picture i've EVER seen of my dad with his dad.

**i can't find the tintype of my g-g grandfather, Josephus Byron, but this is the cemetery he was buried in. that's New York, TEXAS.  and he was buried one year before that sign was put up...


josephine terese said...

why didn't granddaddy have pictures of his dad?

these are so cool. reen and la's hats are sooo silly!

cornbread hell said...

jesse left when granddaddy was a little boy. they only saw each once or twice that i know of.

(i'm still tweaking this entry. i wish blogger had a way to see the actual post before posting.)

cornbread hell said...

also...granddaddy and uncle ted made a pact they adhered to for their entire lives: they promised each other never ever to divorce. never to leave their children.

and they didn't.

Annie said...

Nice photos Rick.

Speaking of names, my birth certificate says Baby Girl Mickow.

cornbread hell said...

that's not so bad. i once knew a girl named Laetrile Cocaine Jefferson. really.

rilera said...

Awesome photos Rick. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at pictures of families together. They just speak volumes about the people in them.

J said...

Great family pics!
I remember wearing outfits like those. The hats made your head itch but were'nt as bad as having to wear those scratchy petticoats.

Anonymous said...

wonderful pics, bibs!

you haven't changed a bit!

seriously, your smile has always been delightful. my favorite pic is the one of you with the big smile, sitting at the table with your mom cooking in the background.


Tattooless Lady said...

looks like you were born handsome

SKYGIRL said...

I LOVE these old photos. They look just like mine! (I am 53!) Your Dad was a Handsome-Devil! Those dimples, he should have moved to Hollywood!