Tuesday, September 9, 2008

yeah, yeah, yeah. i know...

it's old news.


not current.

not your cup of tea.

no longer relevant to you.

you may be saying, "get a life, man. give it a rest."

but i can't. so i'm going knocking on doors on saturday, the 20th. because i "have" to.

i hope you'll join me.

"Mission Accomplished." The lies about WMDs. Yellowcake. The Saddam-9/11 connection.
From start to finish, the Iraq war has been a disaster. But unless we work together, the politicians who supported it may be let off the hook.
And for the sake of history, if nothing else, we can't let that happen. So on Saturday, September 20th, we're partnering with our friends across the anti-war movement in one of the biggest days of action on the war yet. We're aiming for a truly ambitious goal: knock on ONE MILLION doors to talk to key voters about Iraq.
Can you join us?

Something like this hasn't really been done before—definitely not at this scale. Usually when people think of a canvass during an election year, they think it's for a candidate. But if this election is about real issues, like the ongoing occupation in Iraq, we can't lose.
Here's how it will work:
Just click the link and sign up.
Our partners at the campaign will send you a list of 40 people in your neighborhood. These are folks who either just registered to vote or are registered but don't always vote.
On September 20th, we'll talk to these folks person-to-person and ask them to sign a petition calling on the next president and Congress to bring our troops home from Iraq within a year.
We'll talk to folks from every political party.
On Election Day we'll get them to vote for people who will finally bring an end to this war.
This isn't preaching to the choir—this is making our movement bigger and stronger for next year. Can you join us?

Thanks for all you do.

and thanks to rick e. for this:


CZHA said...

I'm planning to do the same thing, but then, I'm old news, passé, not current,not your cup of tea.

On the other hand, I won't be wearing a leisure suit. Hope you do -- and get lots of smiles.

cornbread hell said...

i *might* if i had one.

who are you? (good for you!)

CZHA said...

Caroline Abbott. Sorry -- I did not intend to be obscure. I forgot that my login was my monogram. Oh, well, better to have my monogram on a comment thread than on a bath towel.

cornbread hell said...


what's the z stand for? zealot? ziggy?

SKYGIRL said...

Good for you Rick! Believe me, the campaign is keeping me plenty busy!

I am back in charge of feeding our staffers, and volunteers, making 100's of phone calls, raising money, and have just joined "The Grassroots Finance Committee!" They have me, hook, line & sinker. Every waking moment, I don't think I have anymore to give!

But it is nice to hear from a fellow comrade, & patriot, and someone who 'get's why the "Palin Effect?"


Annie said...

I love that you get out and do something for what you believe, instead of just complaining about it like many do.

J said...

I agree with Annie.
concerning the Babara Kingslover book... I haven't read it but now have it on my library book list. Looking forward to reading it.