Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it's story time...

once upon a time there was a man. a very lucky man. this man had a daughter. the daughter brought him great joy. joy beyond his wildest dreams. the daughter amazed him daily. amazement greater than the sun and the moon.

every evening at bedtime the man and the daughter read books together. sometimes the man made up stories. one night during this ritual the man had to excuse himself for a bit. when he returned, the man picked up the book they had been reading and, mostly to himself, asked, "now where were we, daughter?"

the daughter, who was barely 4 years old at the time, pointed to the word 'the' and said... "'the' was the last word you read to me, daddy." and to the utter amazement of the man, the daughter read the words that followed.

and the man cocked his head in wonder.

"did you just read that?," the man asked.

the fact is, she had read it. she had somehow learned to read without being taught. by... observation? by...some mysterious gift of the mind? 

the man still cannot fathom it completely, much less explain it. what is...simply is. 

...and the daughter grew up to be the most extraordinary woman the man had ever known.

just in case the preceding hasn't embarrassed the daughter enough, i present to you now one of the first stories i know of that she wrote (and *copywrited*) herself.

6-7 years old:

ok...maybe she is just a little bit crazy. but what can you expect considering her early influence?

"who is the smartest and most beautiful woman in the world?", the man asked...

the daughter hesitated and the man answered his own question: "well it's Josephine T. Bibby of course. and don't you ever, ever doubt it."


Tattooless Lady said...

Josephine's poem is precious! Please share James Hurley's song, "The Sun and the Moon." http://cdbaby.com/cd/jameshurley2(she can listen to it through this link)

Dad, you may be the typical biased father in some ways, but not where Josephine's beauty and brains are concerned! You done good, Dad, and you have every reason to be proud of such a lovely daughter.

Wish Josephine were running against Sarah Palin! Something tereble would happen to Sarah's underware. Sarah would be aufel in the debates, and Josephine would WIN!

Chrissy said...

this is beautiful! i'm glad you have such a great daughter, and i'm glad i'm lucky enough to know her in real life!

Lydia said...

Sarah = changed colleges 4-5 times?
Josephine = changed only once.

josephine terese said...

hahaha i would kick sarah's butt. and mccain's.
and all the boys would laugh a them.

Annie said...

All the girls would laugh at them too!

Once again, a beautiful story.

Kacey said...

Aw, I love Jo's story!

Hi! Found this through the Upton blog, and I really enjoy your posts. I think you have a new reader.

cornbread hell said...

glad y'all enjoyed it.
i'd love to have the sun and moon story blown up on a roadside billboard somewhere.

kacey, any luck on the job front, yet?

J said...

As someone else said... "You done good..."
I think Josephine has a very good dad.

rilera said...

Awww. I love that picture! What a sweet moment.

cornbread hell said...

rilera - that is one of my all time favorite pictures. thank you for noticing.