Tuesday, March 4, 2008


lately this has looked more like an abandoned blog than it really is. i'll start a post and lose interest, or more accurately, lose motivation. this time i set up outside hoping the different locale would spark a different attitude. (as i typed that it started to rain. )

but this time i'm letting my stubborness take over...

[ok, that was written 2 freakin' days ago. after it started sprinkling, i set up back inside. the sun came out again. i went back outside. it rained. now, i'd intended to include several of the 1/2-fleshed posts: the wedding, the silent house, the contest "prize" and more, but let's see if i even finish the HOTD story for now and then we'll go from there. ok?]

so, that picture was taken on valentine's day. the last time i saw mom. over 2 long weeks ago. it's breakin' my heart just to type that. just like the last few times i saw her and left her, i'm crying just thinking about it. no, not because of her condition. simply because i miss her.

back to the photo, rick.

they were having a valentine's party at the alzheimer's unit when my sisters and i went to visit that day. linda, the awesome person in charge of the residents' care, had a trivia game planned for them. to start it off she said, "now everyone put on their thinking caps."

mom nonchanlantly reached for, unfolded, and placed her napkin on her head.
(and that, my friends, is only a tiny part of why i love her.)

guess what? i'm on the bus, on my way to see her now. to take her to vote for her favorite republican and to vote for my favorite democrat myself. i hope to stay a few a days. i'll try my best to keep y'all posted. no promises, though.

whether it makes sense to anyone but myself, the following long-remembered quotation seems apropos to me.

"and the night shall be filled with music / and the cares, that infest the day / shall fold their tents, like the arabs, / and as silently slip away." ~longfellow~


SarahEvil said...

I like that quote...and your mom's "thinking cap." hehehe...she's cute.

Peggy said...

Oh Im so glad to hear that you get to go and see your Mother...,

Hey did you get to vote today? we already voted up here.. Let me guess you are going to vote for Obama?? Maybe?
I did, I decided he may be the most honest of all of them..

I love that quote can I steal it?

Annie said...

I love the "thinking cap". I too am glad you get to see your Mom. And that your Mom gets to see you. The separation must be terribly difficult for you both.

~♥Chris♥~ said...

Your mom is such a delight. She has a sweet loving smile that melts a heart.

Hope you are feeling better as the days go by.

Thanks for brightening up my evening with a smile:)

cornbread hell said...

wow. that was a maudlin post...

hi sarah. thanks.

peggy, i did vote for obama. and i don't think mr longfellow will mind (or know)if you quote him.

hey annie, chris - thanks.

rilera said...

I love the story behind the HOTD! Your mom is a stitch. And she has a lovely smile too! I'm so sorry that you two are so far apart and that you cannot visit as often as you'd like. I can imagine how hard that is for both of you. I hope that you are getting stronger every day so that you can again visit your mom every day. Take care.

~Betsy said...

I'm glad to see you posting again - even if it took two weeks for you to finish!

Give your mom a hug for me, k? She's awesome.

Joanne said...

Your mom is awesome! So are you for caring for and missing her so much. Hope you're doing better these days.

flintysooner said...

I vote for Joanne's word: awesome - both of you.

I have always liked Longfellow. What with his name and all and his lyrical words. I should try to get something of his and read it again and maybe I will.

Hope you're doing okay. Been working some crossword puzzles at the lowest level from Yahoo. Think of you on every one. No, I don't want to share any times either.

rainbowheart said...

Love the thinking cap..your Mom is too cute.(what a wonderful smile) Are you getting over the wreck? I hope that you are feeling better...Take care

Cinnamin said...

She's adorable! I love the "thinking cap"! Thanks for sharing your Mom's smile (and sense of humor) with us!