Monday, February 25, 2008

attention: it's contest time again!

i got an email from annie today:

"Have you ever looked at your stats and seen the search words somebody used that landed them on your blog?

Somebody found me by searching "putting a rubberband around my nutsack."

I bet they were surprised (disappointed?) when they saw the chicken playing with the llama nutsack story."

the funny thing is - uh, well, another funny thing is - i've been thinking about that for the past couple of days. (no, not about the nutsack thing. sheesh. you're such a goober.)

no, yesterday i got a hit on this blog from some deranged person in the bahamas.

they'd googled...
"porn grandmommy."

really?? you mean someone typed those words, together? like on purpose?
but here's the 64 dollar question: is that disgusting or just plain ole funny?

i'm goin with both. but the wrong part of it is terribly wronger than the funny part is funnier, don't you think?

and guess what the first result was. yep, that's right. one of my entries. (and that was before this post, of course.) what's more, there were 409 results in google for *porn grandmommy.* not many at all as google hits go, until you consider the actual search words. and to that i say, YIKES!

(the picture up top was the second image result. this one i took was #4. )

i wish i could remember all the weird, ricockulos, funny, mind-boggling, frivolous, and otherwise bizarre ones i've noticed through my sitemeter, but they've all slipped my mind right now. as i recall them, i will post them in the comment section of this post, along with yours, i hope.

contest rules:

- what rules? just send me the best you've found from your own or someone else's blog. googled words, phrases, image results...whatever. gimme your best shot(s).


- prizes may or may not be awarded depending on how hard you make me laugh and scratch my head in wonder and disbelief. discombobulate my sense of all that is right and holy with the human race. make me say, "what in the cornbread hell."


Annie said...

Wait a minute, that was my best one! Shoot. Anyway, I also have some crazy Canadians googling "garbage mittens". I guess they are a snowboarding thing. Also "sweet rooster", which I believe is a snowboarding helmet. I'm big with the snowboarding crowd!

See, dullsville. The nutsack thing was my only shot. :)

cornbread hell said...

i wouldn't wory too much. that one's gonna be pretty hard to beat.

wendy said...

boy, I'd love to participate but i must advise you that my IQ isn't high enough to have figured out how to install sitemeter on my blog.

talk about a kick in the nutsack ...

flintysooner said...

Well we've been having controversy here about truck nuts. See
among many other sites.

Made the local news. I think it may be sweeps though.

~♥Chris♥~ said...

LMAO over here...

~Betsy said...

Thanks for making me smile this morning!

cornbread hell said...

wendy, i must advise YOU. i read your blog. your ig is...well, that's just no excuse comin' from you.

flinty, i bet the chickens in oklahoma are havin' a big ole time! annie's would be drooling over that stuff.

chris, betsy - ahahahaha. you're welcome.

Joanne said...

Your posts are always great for a smile, Rick. I checked my site meter and the search words are pretty boring. Most are about farm tractors and Kawasaki Mules. LOL