Friday, March 14, 2008

SOTD and other fuzzy photos

fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear/fuzzy wuzzy had no hair/fuzzy wuzzy wuzn't very fuzzy wuz he?

that's a little ditty i remember from childhood. did anyone else say that real fast for no particular reason when they were a kid? my sisters and i sure did. i just thought of it for the 1st time in a long, long time when i saw how out of focus this picture i took of Opal was. (see last post to read about opal.)

lots of times when you try to take a *candid* picture of someone, you know how you'll first say, "sMiLE!" ? well i didn't. i just said her name.
she was sweeping up after lunch and when she turned around i snapped the shutter knowing i'd get a worthy *Smile O' The Day* photo.
awesome, huh?

more fuzzy pics after the cut...

this is my friend harold. when you look up *loyal* in the dictionary, his picture will be in the sidebar as a visual description. if it's not, it damn sure should be. i love him even though he is a republican.

his wife lara and me. (hey, i told you they were fuzzy pics...)

COUSIN IT. (it's actually my friend karen, but when i tried to take HER picture, she refused.) karen has pretty hair don't ya think?. and a pretty smile, too. but she's kinda shy...[NOT!]

and harold took a couple of me.


rilera said...

Opal has a beautiful smile! Thanks for sharing.

~Betsy said...

Not all republicans are bad! haha

Great pics, Rick. Thanks for making me smile today.

Cinnamin said...

I think that they call Opal's smile "mega watt"! How lucky that your Mom is blessed with someone who shares that smile often. From this photo, and from your posts of her, this lady is certainly a special person!

I'm going to have to ditto Betsy with "Not all republicans are bad! haha"!

I wonder what would happen if we all submitted our "loyal(est) friends" to be listed in a photo dictionary?!? Have you started a trend? Something to think about for our blogs? Maybe a loyal friend day? Anywho, I'm just glad that you have this friend, everyone deserves a friend with this description!

Annie said...

Yep on the fuzzy wuzzy.

Looks like you had a good time with your friends.

cornbread hell said...

a. of COURSE not all republicans are bad, silly. 47.38% of my Friends are republicans.

b. finally!! someone else who knows fuzzy wuzzy.

rainbowheart said...

Did fuzzy wuzzy care that he had no hair? Thanks for sharing the pic of Opal....what a wonderful smile.
p.s. how is the neck doing? Take care