Monday, March 31, 2008

hey... cows!...!!!...

just got back from an unbelievably fun and rewarding weekend with a cyber friend and her best friend. good, clean fun was had by all.
hot damn! i love those girls.

we did all the fun south-austin things south austin folks never get around to doing, had a minimum of family soap opera, and we took some pictures. most of the photos were taken beside road signs and historical markers. (lupine, bobcats!!!, huisache, road hump,,,) sorry if that's too cryptic, but i'm sworn to secrecy until given top secret clearance...

i will say that annie actually said, "y'all" one time. but i think she's in rehab now.

the only thing we did together in dallas was visit mom, and even though they only got the smallest taste of i knew they would, i think they *GOT* it.
did i mention i love those girls?

anne and phyllis have a kind of friendship you can't beat with a stick. we should all be so lucky to have friends like that. top drawer folks, they are.

given permission, i'll post photos of our adventures later.
(one of these days i hope to visit annie and her mom on their home turf and go on a cross country *world's best hamburger quest* with phyliss's husband.)

peace, y'all.


~Betsy said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Rick! Ya'll should post photos! ;)

Cinnamin said...

Me too mucha TV - I thought California had all of the "happy cows"! That's what all of our commercials tell us! ;)

Glad you (all) had fun!

cornbread hell said...

betsy, you damn yankees can't even SPELL y'all, much less SAY it...hahahahaha

cinn, my favorite cows are the ones admen created for those chick filet ads. they always crack me up.

josephine terese said...

so cool!
that pic of a cow looks like clementine when she cocks her head. o cute. will email a pic of her to compare :)

Annie said...

"Y'all" did escape my lips at least once. Crazy how quickly that is picked up.

Yep, I am very lucky in the friends department.
Tell all the stories you like, the photos may need to be screened though! :)


rilera said...

Y'all? Uff da. I hope Annie didn't lose her Minnesota accent. Glad you all had fun together.

cornbread hell said...

josephine - that picture you sent me of clem IS way cute.

lemme tell you why i put that cow on this blog...whenever we'd pass cows grazing by the side of the highway, my crazy travel companions would roll the windows down and holler at the top of their lungs, "HEY, COWS!!!"
then it was like... "we got one (or however many) to look!!!" [silly girls]

annie - "tell all the stories you like" [see above...] hah!

robyn - uff da?? wtf? oh, you crazy minnesotans...

josephine terese said...

i have never thought of trying to get the cows' attention. hilarious.

cornbread hell said...

the 1st time they did it i was like, WTF?!???