Tuesday, September 11, 2007

tomorrow's gonna be a better day.

this computer is/ a helluva lot/ smarter than i am/
much wiser, too.
i'd writ' a long post/ of the last few days/ then i it screwed up/
so now it's gone.
trust that's just. and well/ and good riddance. if/ only to myself/
i've made my peace.

(there's nothin' much after the jump. so don't bother clicking the *read more* link.)

that was *days* in the biblical sense. it might really mean *years.* i sure have screwed up a lot.


Enigma said...

Seems that when we are spilling our guts with a post, it always wants to screw up and lose the content. I have begun to take that as an omen. I vent, and then it tells me to shut up. Computers ARE smarter than a 5th grader.

Anonymous said...

oh, i hate when that happens. are you printing your post too? i heard of many that do that just incase, i've never done it. too lazy i guess, lol.