Tuesday, September 4, 2007

mom's got mail! (part 1)

sometime last week we were goofing around on the computer in the library and i realized how much mom enjoyed it. she doesn't understand it, but she enjoys it.

like many of her generation she is computer illiterate and technologically impaired in general, so i work the computer and she watches...and reads...and we talk...

so i set up an email account for her.
so far, "she's" sent and received with a daughter and with an old friend of mine. it totally amazes her.

it's gratifying to see she can still find pleasure in new things, that at 84 she's not satisfied with just sittin' around doing nothing. it is also sobering to understand: this too will pass.

i just now added all the family members' and a couple more of my friends' addresses to her contact list, so some of you can be expecting an email from her in the near future. if you see an email from someone with the user name, "pretty_lady1922" it's not porn. don't delete it. ok?

(she wouldn't allow herself to smile at the user name that was finally accepted, but i could tell it made her feel good.)


flintysooner said...

That's a great photograph and a beautiful young girl! I need to see if I can find some of my folks.

When I returned here I became reacquainted with my high school literature teacher. She was in her mid 80's. She had learned to email and was carrying on correspondence with her former students all over the world.

She always introduced me to her friends as her student. Always made me proud when she would do that.

cornbread hell said...

"She always introduced me to her friends as her student. Always made me proud when she would do that."

i like that, flinty. honor goes both ways.

and yes, mom was, and still is, a beautiful person.

(but i must admit to having 2nd thoughts of whether that's a photograph of her or a digital rendering of a photograph of her... )