Wednesday, September 5, 2007

mom's got mail! (part 2)

5 or 6 weeks ago i asked friends and family to send mom a simple card or photo. as Mr. Flinty has pointed out in his blog about his dad, the gesture is much appreciated by those suffering from dementia.

one friend sent mom a magazine subscription. yesterday the 1st issue arrived via snail-mail. Reminisce magazine is just what the doctor ordered!

unlike the stack of time and reader's digest mags that are somewhere between difficult and impossible for her to focus on, Reminisce is just her speed. thanks a million, Anne.

(i know i've posted this link before, but it seems apropos to throw it in here. thanks, D.)

notes and scribbles:
- while cruising the internet, we found her and dad's names on a 1939 North Dallas High School list of seniors. she Really liked that. when we left the library she actually said,"i guess vickery towers isn't such a bad place after all."

- a man from mom’s church has left her a rose 3 times now in the past month. we always seem to be out walking when he comes. she doesn’t even recognize the name, but i know him to be a happily married guy who just tries to keep in touch with her and many of the older folks.

so now there is this wonderful rumor slowly spreading about a mysterious boyfriend. (mom looks at me and says, “i wish.”)

-we went grocery shopping last week and she commented at the checkout stand, "who would have ever thought you'd be buying your mother wine and cigarettes?" i think the checker laughed almost as hard as we did.

- she can't remember if it was my sister or me who took her to buy them, but mom loves her new shoes. and although it's sorta hard to tell by looking, she did get that pedicure yesterday.

- and this video is apropos of nothing...


Enigma said...

What a fun thing to do with her. The fact that she can stay focused with you on the computer is amazing. Please feel free to add me as a pen-pal. She can think of me as living in a foreign country, since I am far enough way to be so.

cornbread hell said...

ha! i already added your email address to her contact list. it may a day or 2 before we get back to the computer room, but you'll be gettin' mail from her when we do.

flintysooner said...

That's great on the cards - hope she enjoys them.

Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier today, too.

cornbread hell said...

thanks for stopping by the blog.
man, i never miss it. it's like a good novel. i like the characters.