Friday, February 6, 2009

V(ideo) O. T. D.

i haven't checked out the rest of it yet, but i have a feeling it's all pretty goddam cool and worth a look-see. click on "her morning elegance" after going to this website.

(thanks, chrissy). other news, i found what i suspect are the rest of the cars needed for my *cartable* today. i'm pretty excited about that.

so far i've made 5 different *veggie-tables*, and once helped sean make a *fishtable.* (there may be pics somewhere in here. and then again, maybe not.)


the cartable (pronounced with a short a in the table part) is going to add to the goodness of the coffee table world & the betterment of the world in general by leaps and bounds. i might even try to sell this one. i could use the bucks.

these are all mechanized and will go on the carved limestone legs of the table and will be easily accessed to play with on said glass top.
vroom, vroom, vrooooom!!!
and yes, that's a penguin. pretty cool, huh? i am so easily amused.

(please feel free to click to enlarge any of these pictures.)

these will be on the sandstone tabletop under a sheet of 3/8" or 1/2" glass, depending on the funds available.

oh, wait. the 2 airplanes on the left are also mechanical and will be on the legs...&...i found all of those today to add to my already formidable collection of potentially cartable cars!


the following little numbers have all been collected over the past few months & are mostly roadkill:

these "mini machines" were my son's and salvaged from the house fire:

(these broken ones are all road kill & will probably not be incorporated into the cartable.)
i call it my "junkyard." complete w/ junkyard dog:

& finally...
the Dog picture Of The Day...

"keepin' watch at the window"


Annie said...

Is that a llama in the middle of the photo with Sean's cars? The body shape looks right, but I can't tell with the angle.

That video is very cool.

The cartable sounds fabulous. I look forward to seeing it! The penguin is mechanized too? It waddles?

And finally, love the photo of Awol with spooky eyes in the reflection.

cornbread hell said...

it is a llama. but awol ate one foreleg. there is also another camelid in that photo. a brass one. i think it's an alpaca?

the penguin (was) mechanized, but alas, it no longer works. meh, the perfidies of roadkill.

& finally, awol kept that *other* dog at bay. he's a really good dog.

Lily said...

lol, my dog does her best to keep anyone daring to walk down our street at bay. Sometimes she barks for so long, I have to banish her from the front room just to hear myself think. One of these days I must clean the windows - there's a band of frosting right along them at dog nose height.